Don’t write it off – September is a splendid time to travel! If you visit the places on our list, you’ll be in for a great getaway with milder temperatures, shorter lines, countless outdoor activities, and rich cultural experiences. As summer winds down, September getaways offer a variety of benefits, including being a more budget-friendly time to travel. Read our list of the top 10 destinations for September.

1. Montreal

In Montreal, September marks the transition from summer to fall, bringing milder temperatures and lower humidity. The average temperature ranges from 12°C to 22°C (54°F to 72°F), making it comfortable for outdoor activities and exploring the city. Don’t forget that beautiful fall foliage, depending on when you go! Plus, it’s when you’ll see hotel availability open up and prices drop.

2. Grand Canyon

If you plan a trip at the end of the summer, the Grand Canyon makes for a great destination! The vacation crowds have dissipated but the awesome hiking trails are still open for exploring. September is the best time to go to this bucket list topper because the temperatures are cooler than in the sweltering summer months.

3. Puerto Rico

Planning a trip in September? Consider Puerto Rico. Since it’s the off-peak season, you’ll see cheaper airfare and more affordable accommodations open up. It also means fewer crowds and a more relaxed trip overall. You can enjoy the year-round tropical weather, but just keep in mind that the tradeoff for a cheaper, more laid-back vacation to Puerto Rico is that it’s hurricane season (though your chances of encountering a major storm are relatively low).

4. Zimbabwe 

September marks the middle of the dry season in Zimbabwe, and that means wildlife viewing is at its peak! That’s why it’s such a great time to visit this popular safari destination. This is the time to see hippos, lions, rhinos, and crocodiles! But there’s so much more to Zimbabwe than safari trips – check out waterfalls, hike, take a helicopter tour or try white water rafting.

5. Istanbul

Skip the crowds and enjoy the beauty of Istanbul, Turkey in September! The weather is pleasant as it’s the beginning of autumn, which makes it perfect for sightseeing. September is also a month rich in cultural events and festivals, making it a good opportunity for photographers!

6. Nepal

The weather in Nepal is moderate during September and it’s when many of the famous Everest and Annapurna region treks start opening up. Since September is post-monsoon season, the landscape is green and lush. It’s a great time for hiking, wildlife viewing, and experiencing the rich culture.

7. Shanghai 

If you’ve always wanted to visit China, why not explore Shanghai in September? The weather is mild at this time of year, the humidity is lower, and the cost of travel and accommodations is also more affordable compared to the peak season. Immerse yourself in the culture, take photos, shop, dine, and tour the various parks and gardens Shanghai has to offer.

8. Minneapolis 

Minneapolis in September offers travellers a nice blend of moderate weather, cultural events, and outdoor activities. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful colours of the changing leaves as summer fades into fall. Check out music festivals, catch a live sports event, and explore the unique urban landscape.

9. Ireland

While Ireland is always green and lush, September is usually a bit drier and less crowded, making it a great time for a trip to the gorgeous Emerald Isle. You’ll still need a warm sweater or a jacket plus a raincoat, but you’ll enjoy shorter lines and good fishing!

10. P.E.I 

Our last destination is another Canadian gem, for those who want to stay closer to home. Prince Edward Island is always a beautiful sight to behold but September is truly a lovely time to visit. You may not be swimming at the beach, but you can still stroll and take in the views with less of a chance of someone getting in the way. September in PEI still has farmer’s markets, seafood, and plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family.

September Travel Safety

Wherever you go, whoever you go with, and however you get there, make sure you’re all covered with the proper travel insurance. There are a lot of incidents that could ruin your end-of-summer adventure, but you can easily prevent them and not have to worry.

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