Looking to escape the frigid cold of the Canadian winter this year? We’ve put together a diverse list of epic winter vacations to help you choose the perfect destination. Whether you want tropical weather or spring-like weather, and whether you like relaxing or exploring, there’s something for everyone on this list.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is an attractive vacation destination for Canadians in the winter because it has a warm tropical climate. The islands boast stunning natural beauty, diverse outdoor activities, and a unique cultural mix. It’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy water sports, and explore the picturesque landscapes. Plus, it offers a safe and welcoming environment. Not to mention it’s easy to get to with a minimal time zone difference. Hawaii provides an ideal escape from winter’s chill for Canadian travellers. 

2. Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands of Spain are a hidden gem, offering Canadians the warmest European getaway. The southern parts of Tenerife, including El Teide National Park and Gran Canaria, are sunny and warm all year. If you head to the Maspalomas Dunes of Gran Canaria, you can see the picturesque beaches and volcanic landscapes. The Canary Islands are especially appealing for couples looking to rent a car and take a romantic road trip across the islands.

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina 

December through February is when Buenos Aires experiences its winter. Daytime highs reach into the 20’s C (80’s F) and nighttime lows drop to the high teens (60’s F). This climate is just right for those who may not love the heat of a tropical country but also don’t want to travel somewhere with Canadian-level cold. This vibrant capital city has a lot to do and explore, from a lovely outdoor cafe culture to the colourful neighbourhood of La Boca where you can witness passionate tango performances and admire the area’s impressive architecture. 

4. Ecuador 

Head to the Equator and spend some time in warm and inviting Ecuador. Keep in mind that, as small as it is, Ecuador has all four seasons and a range of climates. For warmer weather, make your way to the Pacific coast. Guayaquil, Playa Puerto Lopez, and Mompiche are great options if you seek hot weather and inviting beaches. 

5. Guatemala 

If you’re going in January, Guatemala is an excellent choice! With its pleasant weather and intriguing attractions, you can enjoy the dry season and sunshine and visit renowned sites like the Mayan ruins of Tikal and the natural wonders of Semuc Champey. Consider a stop in Antigua, (a city in Guatemala), and you will enjoy nice weather and plenty of outdoor coffee shops.

6. Costa Rica

Take a trip to Costa Rica to escape the winter cold and you’ll have your pick of weather, as Costa Rica is full of micro-climates. Hit the Pacific coast for beaches and bathing suit weather or head in-land to higher elevations for more mild temperatures and wonderful ecotourism adventures. Wherever you go, you’ll have opportunities to both relax and enjoy the “pura vida” life as well as spend time outside exploring the beautiful country.

7. Vietnam 

Vietnam makes an excellent winter vacation destination for those seeking warmth and adventure. In the north, cities like Hanoi enjoy relatively mild temperatures during the winter months. But, for even more pleasant winter weather, central Vietnam beckons travellers with destinations like Hoi An, known for its charm and appeal. Head to the south for even warmer conditions. From the good weather to the vibrant culture and delicious food, Vietnam makes for an epic winter vacation.

Wherever You Go, Go Protected

We hope you enjoy your vacation, wherever you go! Just remember, travelling can be unpredictable, especially with the current state of the world. The best way to be able to enjoy your trip the most is to make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected and protected no matter what happens. Wherever you choose to go, go protected.

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