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An accident or emergency can happen anywhere – even on vacation. If you need medical care while in another country, province or territory, your government health plan may only pay part of the costs.  Travel insurance starts where government plans finish.

Travel insurance can also provide coverage for unforeseen problems, like a cancelled flight, bankruptcy of a travel supplier, or in rare cases, even an act of terrorism. An illness, accident, or other covered unforeseen circumstance could force travellers to cancel or interrupt their plans, causing major financial loss.

Whether you’re a snowbird and travel frequently during the year, a sports and adventure travel enthusiast or only take an occasional short trip — there’s a plan that’s right for you!


  • Canadian – based customer service.
  • No service or administration fees.
  • There is no penalty for changing travel dates.
  • Rates begin at $2.62 per/day.
  • You could earn up to 5,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points.


As Canada’s largest travel Insurance distributor, SecuriGlobe compares the rates of more than 14 leading travel insurance companies in Canada. You can benefit from significant savings by choosing the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Submit your information for an Insurance quote in just minutes. If you are 65 years of age or older, call 1-877-422-3313 to get a quote.

Get Your Insurance Quote in just Minutes

Tell us about your trip and travellers for a quote from over 14 of the leading travel insurance companies in Canada.
If you are 65 years of age or older, call 1-877-422-3313 to get a quote.



High-risk adventure activities may not be covered by your regular travel insurance!

If you’re planning any high-risk activities including parasailing, skydiving or bungee jumping. Be sure to select speciality coverage so we can find a plan that will provide adequate coverage.

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1Rates and product details are effective as of January 1, 2018, and are subject to change without notice. All plans are subject to the terms and conditions of your Policy and Documents of Insurance. Premiums vary by age, duration of travel and pre-existing medical conditions.
2Earn 3,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points for an annual plan; 5,000 points for a winter travel plan; 5,000 points for a Visitors to Canada plan and 2,000 points when you purchase all other plans; when you use a valid Canadian credit card to pay for your premiums. Hudson’s Bay Rewards points will be issued within 4-6 weeks of the departure date.
Travel insurance for Hudson’s Bay customers is arranged for by Hudson’s Bay Financial Services with the assistance of SecuriGlobe Inc. Travel insurance is underwritten by a number of Canadian insurers.

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