It’s summer! Whether you’re ready or not, it’s here. If you don’t remember everything that needs to be done for the season, we’ve got this helpful home maintenance checklist. It covers everything you need to do on the inside and outside of your home.

Get Ready for Summer with this Home Maintenance Checklist


HVAC Systems

  1. Change your air filter. HVAC filters should be changed every 1-3 months or as directed by the manufacturer.
  2. Have all vents, air ducts, and exhaust fans cleaned. This will help air quality and your AC operate better.
  3. Check the water heater and have it serviced. Regular maintenance and inspections ensure your water heater is efficient and operating correctly.

Electrical Systems

  1. Reverse your ceiling fans to rotate in the counterclockwise direction. This can help your home feel cooler.
  2. Test wired smoke detectors and confirm they’re in good working condition. 
  3. Inspect electrical outlets, switches, and panels. Look for signs of damage, overheating, or faulty components.

Plumbing & Other Home Systems

  1. Check your plumbing, including all pipes, faucets, toilets, showerheads, and appliances like the dishwasher. Look for leaks or possible stoppages.
  2. Inspect instant hot and cold dispensers. Ensure they’re functioning properly and pose no electrical hazard.
  3. Check your garbage disposal if you have one. Clean it thoroughly with the appropriate solution or hot water.
  4. Check and clean your central vacuum. Generally, it needs cleaning every 3-6 months.

Outdoor Summer Home Maintenance Tasks

  1. Look at your home’s siding. Inspect for signs of rotting, as well as loose or damaged siding.
  2. Clean your siding. This is a good time to power wash the dirt from the other seasons off your siding.
  3. Touch up the exterior paint. Summer is the best time to touch up your home’s exterior paint.
  4. Wash your windows. Clean inside and out, and while you’re at it, recaulk or fix the weather-proofing if necessary.
  5. Clean the gutters. Remove the debris and dirt that’s accumulated in your gutters during the rainiest season.
  6. Inspect the foundation. Take a detailed look at your house’s foundation for cracks, leaks, and even pest infestations.
  7. Get your patio ready. Clean your patio furniture and clean and reseal your deck or patio if needed when temperatures are warm and dry.
  8. Check the entire exterior of your home and property. Fix any damage and clean anything that requires it.

Pool Prep & Maintenance Checklist

It’s time to prepare your pool for the summer!

  1. Clean and remove the pool cover.
  2. Clean the pool deck.
  3. De-winterize your pool.
  4. Clean all pool equipment.
  5. Fill your pool with water.
  6. Prepare the pump, filter, and heater.
  7. Clean the pool and add the chemicals.
  8. Let the pool run for 24 hours, then retest.

Protect Your Home & Everything in It

The final item on the list is to make sure your home and all of your home systems are protected. Do this with a Smarter Living Plan. You put in all this work to maintain your home and safeguard your investment, let a Smarter Living Plan protect the systems and appliances in your home. A Smarter Living Plan covers things that a home insurance plan doesn’t, and no item is too old for coverage.

Take care of your home and everything in it.

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