Your furnace and your dryer: two large home appliances that have become essential to a safe and comfortable life. During the winter, a warm home and dry warm clothes are at the top of every Canadian’s list of priorities, which is why it’s absolutely essential to take care of your furnace and your dryer to keep them working efficiently, to keep your home safe from potential hazard, and to save you money on future repairs and replacements. Here are our experts’ tips for taking care of your dryer and your furnace in the best way possible.

Caring For Your Furnace
Your furnace is a large and essential part of your home’s safety and comfort, however, not many homeowners truly understand how their furnace works and the best way to care for it. Listed below are some of our easiest and most crucial tips for keeping your furnace working properly and safely.

  • Change your furnace filter at least once every 90 days
  • Never store chemicals or other air pollutants in your furnace room or next to your furnace
  • Do not crowd your furnace with storage as it needs space to pull in fresh air
  • Keep your exterior exhaust pipe clear from leaves, snow, ice, and other natural debris
  • Schedule preventive maintenance for your furnace with your local HVAC experts once a year

Caring For Your Dryer
While owning a dryer is a huge mode of convenience introduced to us in the 20th century, and many Canadians love their dryers and couldn’t imagine doing chores without them, dryers are still meant to be taken seriously and maintained properly to avoid potential safety and health risks. When not maintained, dryers can break down or fall into disrepair, but more pressingly, they can become a fire hazard to the home. Here are a few of our safety tips for the best possible experience with your home’s dryer.

  • Never run the dryer without a lint filter
  • Clean your lint filter after every use
  • Make sure to wipe any lint that has accumulated on or around the drum
  • Periodically check to ensure that your dryer’s exhaust pipe is not clogged by lint
  • Don’t try to fix any issues yourself, instead, hire a qualified local service technician

Even if you follow these tips and your dryer and furnace are both taken care of properly, there are times where something could unexpectedly go wrong with either system. Despite regular maintenance, general wear and tear can cause the system to degrade over time and experience malfunction or breakdowns. Your best defence against this issue is to invest in a Smarter Living Plan with ZucoraHome and Hudson’s Bay Financial Services. This service will protect your appliances and your pocketbook from the costs of prolonged damage to your system as well as the costs of repair and replacement.

Our Smarter Home Living Plan will protect your home’s appliances and furniture in the event of damage, malfunction, or the need to be repaired or replaced. Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be able to rely on having a working furnace and dryer this winter and all year long with ZucoraHome and Hudson’s Bay Financial Services.

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