During the summer, we as humans love to enjoy the sun and the hot weather. Going outside for picnics, swimming, playing sports, fishing, and countless other activities is something that often we wait all year to enjoy. You may notice, however, that your dog is not as interested in going outside during the summer, and as the cool weather picks up you may notice your dog enjoying the outdoors a bit more. Here are some of the main reasons why dogs just love fall! 

The Weather is More Comfortable 

Even though their coat thins during the summer, dogs are still wrapped in during the hottest days of the summer. The humidity in June through September can be very harmful to your dog, and having them outside in the sun for too long can cause dehydration and heat stroke. Once the weather begins to cool in late September, you may see your dog perk up and have more interest in being outside, as they finally feel comfortable in outdoor weather again. 

Fewer Insects 

Another reason why dogs love fall so much is the lack of insects bothering them. Mosquitos, wasps, hornets, ants, spiders, and many more insects die off or enter hibernation during the fall. For your dog, this means more comfortable walks and outdoor time without the irritation of being bitten, stung, or crawled on. 

Longer Walks 

Your attitude and excitement to go on walks heavily affect how your dog will feel about going outdoors as well. One of the reasons why dogs love fall so much is because you’re feeling more up for longer walks yourself. During the summer months, you and your dog most likely become overheated and lethargic after spending time outdoors for too long, but during the fall, your ability to enjoy being outside can double or even triple. More longevity for your walks means more longevity for theirs, and they love being outdoors with you! 

Leaves are lots of Fun! 

Both humans and dogs really enjoy falling leaves for the same reason! Humans love the smell of autumn so much that we make candles to replicate it in our homes; dogs also love the smell of autumn leaves but the main difference is that their sense of smell is forty times greater than ours. While humans love the look and smell of falling leaves, dogs love them forty times more. The smell of fallen leaves, dirt and the great outdoors can be an irresistible lure for dogs, and the scents from a pile of leaves will tempt your dog to investigate and, in many cases, start rolling around. 

Protect Your Dog This Fall 

There are many reasons why dogs love fall, and unfortunately, there are also many ways dogs can get hurt or sick during the fall as well. Slips and falls, eating the wrong thing in the forest, and scraps with wild animals can all lead to your dog being hurt, sick, or injured. This fall, invest in pet insurance through Hudson’s Bay Financial Services to ensure coverage for vet costs in case of any accidents that could happen while your dog is enjoying the fall weather and atmosphere. 

Protect your dog this fall while playing outside with pet insurance that covers up to 80% of veterinary costs.

Protect Your Pet!

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