The month of May is national pet month, and we want to encourage our customers to celebrate by giving their pets a special day. For many Canadians, their cats or dogs are a very special part of their families, and for all the joy they bring into our lives throughout the year, national pet month is a great time to show your furry friends just how much they mean to you. Check out a couple of our favourite ways to celebrate the pets in your life!

Spoil Your Pet With A Homemade Meal
To celebrate your pet this month, take the time to make them a special and delicious homemade meal. Whether you choose to make them a special pet-friendly breakfast, dinner, or even a pet-friendly sweet treat for dessert, your furry friend will feel like royalty being served a thoughtful homemade dish!

Check out Canada’s SPCA’s list of dog-friendly recipes here!

Introduce Your Pet To A New Activity
Have you ever wondered whether or not your dog would enjoy running an obstacle course in your backyard? Has your ever tried to give your cat a food puzzle to solve? This May, take the time to enjoy new and interesting activities that your dog or cat hasn’t tried before. Who knows, you might just find a new hobby that you both can enjoy together.

Volunteer At A Local Animal Shelter
During national pet month, celebrate not just your own pets but the animals who need a little extra love by volunteering at your local animal shelter. This is a great way to show the stray dogs and cats in your community some love and extra attention and raise awareness about the importance of adoption.

Let Your Cat Explore Their Natural Instincts
Although cats are cute and silly to watch, they also harbour a lot of natural instincts that tell them to run after, stalk, and catch their prey. A great way to keep your cat’s mind and body sharp this May is to invest in some interactive toys to allow them to unleash some of their wild sides. Toys that flail, flop, squeak, and move are all great choices, but what helps the most is interactive play for at least 30 minutes a day with their best friend: you.

Have A Pet Photoshoot
Commemorate your pet this national pet month like you would any other cherished family member and take some lovely photos of them. Simple photos of your furry friend on the couch or at the dog park will do, but you could also choose to do something more formal like set up a backdrop and do a photoshoot! Make sure to have plenty of treats on hand if your pet doesn’t usually like to stay still!

Spend The Day At The Dog Park
Taking your dog to their favourite dog park is a great way to create a bond between yourself and your four-legged friend. Taking them to the dog park shows your dog that you’re thinking of what they enjoy doing and you care about them having fun! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you get to give some pets to other dogs in the neighbourhood while you’re there!

Give Your Pet Some Extra Love
Regardless of if you choose to go all out this national pet month, or you choose to keep it lowkey, take a little extra time this month to give your dog, cat, bunny, or hamster a hug, a kiss, and an extra-long pet to tell them they’re a special part of your life, your family, and your heart.


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