It’s estimated that by age 40, about one in two Canadians have — or have had — a mental illness.1 This can affect every part of a person’s life, including work. In fact, at least 500,000 Canadians have to take time off from work each week due to mental health problems.1

Although there is still a stigma attached to seeking help for mental health — almost 40% of surveyed Ontario workers responded that they wouldn’t tell management about a mental health problem1 — it’s important to seek proper medical treatment. Often treatment includes taking time off from work, but unfortunately not all workers can afford to miss a paycheque.

That’s why it’s essential to treat your mental health as important as your physical health and ensure you have the proper protection. Not many people are aware that there is insurance — such as Life, Disability and Income (LDI) Insurance through Hudson’s Bay Financial Services — that allows you to take time off from work to improve mental health.

LDI Insurance provides a monthly benefit of up to $500 to help cover expenses while you’re focusing on recovery. The best part is that coverage is virtually guaranteed to everyone aged 18 to 69, and there’s no complicated application process or medical questions. You’ll also be eligible to earn up to 8,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points upon enrolment and on your annual anniversary.2

Easily purchase LDI Insurance online through Hudson’s Bay Financial Services.

Founded in 1955, Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company is a different kind of insurance provider. We’re a forward-thinking company that believes insurance doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. We pride ourselves in offering quality insurance products that Canadian families find great value in. Our focus has always been on our customers — creating unique products and delivering great customer service in a clear, friendly and straightforward manner.

1 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. “Mental Illness and Addiction: Facts and Statistics.” Retrieved June 12, 2019, from

2 Earn up to 8,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points when you purchase Life, Disability and Income Insurance and use a valid Canadian credit card to pay your monthly premiums.

Each Rewards points offer is limited to one Rewards account per household. Rewards points will be issued within 30 days from the issue of insurance.

This offer cannot be combined with other offers and may change without notice. Life, Disability and Income Insurance for Hudson’s Bay customers is arranged by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company.

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