The summer season is just around the corner, which means backyard get-togethers, outdoor renovations and travelling with friends and family. No matter what you have planned, make sure to protect your home so everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

One of the best parts of summer is gathering with friends and family for a barbecue. It’s important that your event is safe for everyone in attendance and you’re not damaging your home in the process.

  • Playhouses, bouncy castles and trampolines are fun for kids (and adults!), but make certain they’re set up properly and there’s always adult supervision. A fall could cause serious injuries and require the homeowner to pay for hospital bills or other expenses.
  • Ensure that potted plants aren’t being used as ashtrays because dry soil can ignite and pose a fire hazard. If you have guests coming over who are smokers, put out ashtrays and safely dispose of cigarettes after the party is over.

Many people use the summer months to complete home renovations or backyard improvement projects. If you plan on undertaking a DIY project, make sure you’ve taken all the necessary safety precautions.

  • Check that eavestroughs, downspouts and drains are clear of debris and are properly directing water away from your house. Summer downpours can sometimes bring on flash floods that could damage your home.
  • Obtain any necessary permits before undertaking upgrades and know your limitations. Sometimes it’s best to call a professional to ensure that renovations are done safely and comply with all bylaws and codes.

If you plan on going away for a long weekend or an extended trip, make sure to lock up your home, put timers on indoor lights, keep valuables out of sight and have a friend or neighbour keep an eye on your home.

  • If you’re renting a cottage, treat it like your home and secure all doors and windows before you head out — even if it’s just to the dock.
  • While it might be tempting to post your vacation photos in real time, some criminals have been known to monitor social media to identify unoccupied homes to break in to. It’s always best to keep your photos private until you get home.

Summer is a time to enjoy friends and family and maybe even go on an adventure. Whatever your plans, make sure you’re also keeping your home secure by following these summer safety tips.

Part of a safe home is ensuring that your home insurance matches your needs, so take a moment to assess your coverage and contact us if you’d like to update your policy.

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