Pet Insurance

You are the best pet parent for your furry family members. You’re always up for a cuddle and greetings at the door and you keep the treats well stocked. But how prepared are you to cover the vet bill for your pets when they may need a little extra care?
Protect your furry family members with Pet Insurance though Petline, one of the largest pet health insurers in Canada. Choose from three comprehensive plans from as low as $12.43 a month for cats and $16.83 a month for dogs,1 which also cover out-of-country veterinary expenses.

Plus, you could earn up to 4,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points.2

Travel Insurance

Every time you leave home to travel, whether to another province or outside the country, you should have the protection of travel insurance. Generally, travel insurance will help cover expenses for:

  • missed flights
  • lost luggage
  • trip cancellation and
  • medical attention and emergency treatment.

Without travel insurance, you won’t be refunded if you miss a flight or need to cancel hotel reservations or the entire trip, leaving you to pay for a vacation you never took.

Hudson’s Bay Financial Services has partnered with SecuriGlobe to provide the right coverage at the best price. Connect with SecuriGlobe to learn more about travel insurance coverage.3

Plus, you can earn up to 5,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points.4

How Can You Benefit? Hudson’s Bay Rewards Points Earned Hudson’s Bay Gift Card Value
Basic Health Insurance 2,000 $10
Dental Insurance 2,500 $10
Complete Health Coverage 5,000 $25

Why Consider Pet Insurance? Hudson’s Bay Rewards Points Earned Hudson’s Bay Gift Card Value
Basic Care 2,000 $10
Enhanced Insurance 3,000 $10
Enhanced Care Plus 4,000 $20

1 Earn 2,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points when you purchase a Basic Care plan, 3,000 Rewards points for an Enhanced Care plan and 4,000 Rewards points for an Enhanced Care Plus plan. Rewards points will be issued in equal increments after every six months when you use a valid Canadian-issued credit card to pay for your premiums and will not be pro-rated. Offer valid in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec and the Yukon.
2 Each Rewards points offer is limited to one Rewards account per household. Unless otherwise stated, these Rewards points offers cannot be combined with other offers and may change without notice. All Rewards points will be awarded within four to six weeks.
3 Rates and product details are effective as of January 1, 2019, and are subject to change without notice. All plans are subject to the terms and conditions of your Policy and Documents of Insurance. Premiums vary by age, duration of travel and pre-existing medical conditions. Travel insurance for Hudson’s Bay customers is arranged for by Hudson’s Bay Financial Services with the assistance of SecuriGlobe Inc. Travel insurance is underwritten by a number of Canadian insurers.
4 Earn 3,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points for an annual plan; 5,000 Rewards points for a winter travel plan; 5,000 Rewards points for a Visitors to Canada plan and 2,000 Rewards points when you purchase all other plans when you use a valid Canadian credit card to pay for your premiums. Hudson’s Bay Rewards points will be issued within four to six weeks of the departure date.

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