Everyday life for the average Canadian adult can be stressful. From work responsibilities to domestic labour, from raising children to paying bills, it’s no wonder that so many adults struggle with stress and anxiety every day. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to combat anxiety and stress: yoga is accessible and extremely effective. 

Yoga and Combating Stress and Anxiety 
As yoga is a form of exercise that involves deep breathing, meaningful thought, stretching, and even relaxation, many Canadian adults derive pleasure and anxiety relief from the practice. Due to yoga’s many diverse poses and ways of practicing, people of all abilities and ages are able to participate and potentially reduce their own stress levels. Poses that are considered particularly beneficial include child’s pose, corpse pose, head-to-knee forward bend, and cow pose. 

Other Health Benefits of Yoga
Beyond combating stress and anxiety, regularly practicing yoga comes with several other health benefits that can help you to feel and look healthier, and even potentially prolong your lifespan. Other health benefits of regular yoga include: 

  • Increased muscle tone and strength 
  • Weight management 
  • Cardio and circulatory health 
  • Back pain relief 
  • Improved heart health 

How to Get Started 
Getting started with Yoga is easier than you’d think. For the most part, beginner’s yoga doesn’t require much equipment and there are many free yoga resources available to get you started. Call your local community or recreation center to inquire about free or trial lessons, or choose to use the wealth of information and free classes online. 

Effects of Stress on the Body 
Making healthy lifestyle choices and regularly practicing yoga can go a long way in reducing the risk of critical illnesses as stress can lead to severe complications or diseases in the body later in life. Sometimes stress can lead to an increased risk of developing a critical illness that you must take the time to recover from including depression or hypertension that can lead to heart disease or a stroke. If you were to fall ill, could you focus on recovering with your family instead of any potential financial stress?

Critical Illness insurance provides you with the assurance that if you were to fall ill, you could focus on recovering with your family instead of any potential financial stress. With over 23 critical illnesses covered, our insurance goes beyond just heart issues to cover your expenses.

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