There is no question that times have changed. As grandparents, one of the only constants is your desire to help your children give your grandchildren a better life. But how?

Parents invest heavily every year to help their adult children financially. From babysitting and free daycare services, to vacation trips and plane tickets, along with regular cash gifts to help provide for their grandchildren, including financial help to buy their first home. And that doesn’t include the holiday gifts and birthday presents for each grandchild.

However, if given a choice between thousands of dollars every year for gifts, and the option to set up an investment for your grandchildren’s future and education, you’d likely take the investment any day.

We know the one area the world has changed because of the pandemic is education, as there seems to be a global education revolution under way. Your grandchildren’s future education will no longer be restricted to physical and local in class universities. Their education has the potential to be global with virtual classes from some of the best universities in the world, and we know you want to help prepare your grandchildren for whatever schooling choices they may make.

According to, the largest online class provider in the world, over the past nine years over 900 universities across the world have offered 15,000 MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and that number grew by 250 universities in just the past six months, with these courses being utilized by up to 40,000,000 students. Such courses offered include a Machine Learning Program from Stanford University, and Introduction to Computer Science by none other than Harvard University.

While many have been very grateful to have the RESP for their children, the current government education savings plans like the Alberta Education Savings Plans, or the Quebec Education Savings Incentive won’t work for everyone in the new world of education.

As grandparents, you tend to spend money on gifts because you don’t have any other place to invest for your grandchildren’s futures. You want to start investing for their future from the day they are born, using that valuable first 18 years of their lives to build a significant investment that they can one day inherit.

You want to see their faces light up when they realize this gift gives them the freedom to choose any program at any university or attend several universities at one time without any government restrictions. You want to be there when you give them their gift as they start their global education, seeing the relief in their eyes when they realize they won’t have to graduate with $40,000 in student debt. You want to see their reaction when you tell them the gift won’t only fund their education, but also their first home purchase, or the start of their future business if that’s their dream.

You want to be there for that day!

However, as grandparents, your choices can be limited. Right now, all government investment plans like the RRSP and TFSA are only available to youths when they turn 18, and the government education savings plans like the RESP and other provincial plans restrict their choices and financial freedom as well. Plus, these plans can only be opened by one contributor, not one set of parents and two sets of grandparents who all want the best for their grandchildren.

So, how can two sets of grandparents invest for their grandchildren’s future, and do it tax-free?

Grandparents have the option to set up investment accounts at the bank or with their advisor, but then you are potentially risking their future. In addition, you now have to pay the taxes on those investments every year and when the day comes to give your grandchildren their gift, the investment could very well have shrunk.

You didn’t invest for 18 years for their future so you could watch them spend it on material possessions, you saved to make a difference in their future. You want a tax-free investment that you can transfer to your grandchildren, where they won’t need to pay any taxes to receive their gift, and most importantly, where you have a say in how they use the funds even after being transferred to their names.

To do that, opening a ChildPlanTM for each grandchild is your best option.

ChildPlanTM is a tax-free investment grandparents can open for their grandchildren in Canada. With ChildPlanTM each of your grandchildren will receive a tax-free annual dividend for life, giving them the freedom to;

  • Attend and study at any university or college anywhere in the world without government restrictions
  • Buy their first home
  • Start their own company one day
  • Any other investment in life that they may be interested in pursuing

As their grandparents with ChildPlanTM;

  • You can open a plan for each of our grandchildren as early as 14 days after their birth
  • You can feel secure that the cash value in their plan is guaranteed and grows tax free for life
  • You can transfer their plan to each of them tax-free anytime after they turn 18.
  • You can have a say in how they use the cash values, even after transferring their plan to them.


The sample illustration below is a summary of the cash values a grandchild under the age of one will have if a grandparent were to deposit $225 per month for 20 years.

20 $3,216 $80,448 $770,802
35 $3,687 $184,850 $1,070,880
45 $6,976 $325,714 $1,343,568
65 $18,638 $964,321 $2,082,564
The total dividends and cash values presented are based on your selected premium deposit and the insurance company’s current dividend rate of 6.2%. The dividend scale is not guaranteed and may fluctuate based on the performance of the participating account of the insurance company and the plan is completely funded after 20 years. No further deposits will be required after year 20.

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As Canada’s leader in financial planning for children, Child PlanTM is committed to helping parents and grandparents plan for their children’s futures. Whether their dream is to get a first-rate education, buy their own home, start their own business one day, or travel the world helping others, Insurance for Children helps parents invest in their children to achieve their dreams. Whatever they may be!