As a parent, you’ll want to give your baby everything you can to make them happy; their first hug, their favourite stuffed animal, their favourite blanket. But you also are keenly aware they will grow up and you are already thinking of their future even before they learn to walk. It might seem like a big task™, but with Hudson’s Bay Financial Services and Child Plan™ you don’t need to wait to start planning for their financial future, and you have the freedom to start planning today, even if they haven’t learned to walk yet!


What Is Child Plan™?

Child Plan is a secure and flexible tax-free savings plan that can be opened by parents and grandparents for their children and grandchildren’s future. From the day you open a Child Plan, your child will receive a tax-free annual dividend every year for life!

With Child Plan, your child has the freedom to use the cash values for any education in the world without restrictions and beyond the list of government-approved universities in the RESP designated list. They can use their Child Plan to also buy their first home or condo, to follow their dreams.

The goal of Child Plan is to give your child unlimited options in life and financial freedom.

How Does Child Plan™ Work?

Child Plan is Participating whole life insurance plan. Participating whole life is the most valuable plan in Canada. Owners of a Participating whole-life plan are considered shareholders of the insurance company and participate (share) in the profits of the insurance company for life, and the annual profits are deposited tax-free every year into the plan during your child’s entire life.

Child Plan also includes whole life insurance for future generations which saves your child $50,000 in their future since they’ll never need to qualify or purchase life insurance ever again.

How Will Child Plan Benefit My Child?

Child Plan set your child’s future up today so when they pick what university or program they want to study in the future they have the freedom to go anywhere an not only where the government RESP program tells them they can. They can eliminate all student debt in less than 2 years after graduation rather than the current 9-14 years it takes the average person to pay off their student loans. They can buy their first condo without asking you for the help that almost 50% of first time homebuyers are asking today. They have financial security for life and won’t need to worry about their family’s financial future and they will even have a pension plan if you teach them how to manage their plan wisely.

Hudson’s Bay Financial Services wants to help you give your child unlimited options in life to be happy and successful. Contact Child Plan today to learn how you can give your child the gift of financial flexibility and freedom to follow their dreams.

If giving your children or grandchild the gift of a secure financial future


As Canada’s leader in financial planning for children, Child Plan is committed to helping parents and grandparents plan for their children’s futures. Children are the future, build a future for them you can be proud of.