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Car and Home Insurance from aha Insurance


✓ Home, condo and tenant coverage
✓ Add home coverage options you want
✓ Transparent pricing on coverage options
✓ Protection against water damage and sewage backups


✓ Mulligan on at-fault claims with accident forgiveness
✓ Automatic multi-vehicle and winter tire discounts
✓ Rental vehicle coverage insures you for short-term rentals in Canada and the United States
✓ Protect your rates with minor conviction protection coverage

Car & home Insurance from The Bay

Save up to 50% on home insurance and

up to 18% on car insurance when you bundle your policies.

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Hudson’s Bay Reward Points are awarded to customers for a one-time auto and/or home insurance quote.

Due to provincial regulations, Rewards Points are not available for any quotes or enrolments to customers located in NB.


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aha insurance customers are serviced by Ignite Services Inc. With headquarters in Waterloo, which is part of Canada’s technology triangle, their services are leading a new era of digital-insurance. More than an innovator in product-delivery, Ignite Services Inc., has over two-centuries of combined industry experience, and members who have spent two decades listening to the changing needs of Ontario’s insurance customers.

Did you know?

Did you know that a clean driving record can lower your premiums? When purchasing or leasing a vehicle, choose your car wisely, review your coverage and ask about discounts when you bundle your insurance plans.

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² Earn 500 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points when you obtain an auto insurance quote, and 250 points for a property insurance quote; and earn 2,500 points when you renew your combined property and auto insurance policy. Auto Insurance offer valid in Alberta. Property Insurance is valid in Alberta and British Columbia only.
Premiums can be paid using the Hbc Mastercard powered by NEO or any valid Canadian credit card. Property and Auto Insurance is brokered by Aha Insurance serviced by Ignite Services Inc.
Due to provincial regulations, Rewards Points are not available for any quotes or enrolments to customers located in NB.