For Canadians, spring is a welcomed change of scenery. The weather warms up, flowers start to bloom, and it means summer is just around the corner. But, did you know that personal injuries increase in the springtime? Unfortunately, spring is one of the more dangerous seasons of the year. All kinds of accidents occur in the spring, from pedestrian to bicycle to car accidents. In this article, we’ll help you be aware of all the springtime hazards and let you know how you can continue to enjoy your life if you suffer an injury this season.

Common Spring Accidents & Injuries 

Between spring break and the fact that more people are out on the roads and enjoying walks, a variety of accidents are more prevalent in the springtime. 

Car Accidents

The roads are better and the weather is nicer in the spring, which causes more people to leave their homes and more vehicles to be on the roads. That also means more collisions. According to the Government of Alberta, more than 30% of traffic collisions in 2018 that resulted in death, injury or property damage over $2,000 occurred in the spring.

Bike Accidents

While people do cycle all year, the reality is more people are out biking during the spring and summer when the weather is warmer. Since there are more cyclists on the roads during this time, there are more bike-related accidents. There are also more children and youth riding their bikes in these seasons. In Ontario, between the years 2006-2010, 74% of cycling-related deaths occurred in the spring and summer months

Pedestrian Accidents

Again, as the temperatures rise, people come out of hibernation and start to be active outside and enjoy more outdoor activities. With more pedestrians in the streets and on trails, pedestrian accidents also rise in springtime. 

Slips & Falls

Between the rise in activity, melting snow and ice, and the rainy weather, there are more slips and falls in the spring. In Canada, falls are the leading cause of injury among older Canadians. In fact, 20-30% of seniors experience one or more falls each year. On top of that, falls are the reason for 85% of seniors’ injury-related hospitalizations. This results in over $2 billion a year in healthcare costs. Fortunately, falls are also preventable.

How to Prevent Personal Injuries This Spring

Prevent Car Accidents

Do your best to prevent car accidents by:

  • Following all road laws and rules
  • Refraining from using your phone
  • NOT driving while distracted
  • NEVER driving while drinking
  • Watching out for wildlife, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.
  • Driving according to road and weather conditions
  • Ensuring your car is operating properly and safely

Prevent Cycling Accidents 

You can do your part to prevent cycling accidents by:

  • Practicing safe cycling 
  • Always wearing a helmet
  • Wearing bright clothing
  • Using lights at dusk/night
  • Riding with traffic
  • Staying attentive and not distracted

Prevent Pedestrian Accidents 

When walking in urban areas or on the streets, prevent accidents by:

  • Following all road and safety regulations
  • Refraining from using your phone
  • NOT being distracted
  • Crossing the road safely
  • Being attentive to your surroundings

Prevent Falls & Slips

You can prevent slips and falls this spring by:

  • Being aware of your surroundings
  • Cleaning up spills and removing hazards immediately
  • Maintaining three-point contact on ladders, etc.
  • Giving yourself extra time and not rushing
  • Wearing non-slip shoes 
  • Using assistive devices as needed

Spring is Dangerous: Be Prepared for Personal Injuries & Accidents

Accidents happen. No matter what you do and how careful you are, accidents still happen. Serious accidents can lead to hospitalization, severe injury, dismemberment and even death. In addition to taking every precaution to prevent injuries and accidents, learn CPR and be proactive. Make a plan should you ever become seriously injured, hospitalized, or worse. 

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