Autumn is a wonderful time to travel, especially when visiting Europe. It’s a great time to enjoy mild weather, beautiful scenery, and fewer crowds as you’re able to beat the summer tourist crush. If you’re thinking of a Europe vacation this fall, you may not have already settled on a location, here are some of the best places in Europe to vacation this autumn. 

Stockholm, Sweden

If you’re someone who loves to be active on vacation and you’re visiting Europe, Stockholm’s beautiful cityscapes, stunning greenery, and walkable sightseeing are right for you. Whether you wish to visit their underground art gallery, travel the medieval streets of Gamla Stan, or just soak in where the iconic group ABBA was formed, when taking a vacation to Europe in Autumn, visiting Stockholm should be high on your list! 

Paris, France 

Paris is the city of love. It is only one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic cities, but it is also brimming with fantastic historical sites, arts, culture, and excellent food. Take time to Notre-Dame Cathedral to witness its incredible reconstruction, experience the intricate stained glass windows and floating chandeliers of Sainte Chapelle, see some of the most famous art in the world at the Louvre, and who can forget the view of Paris from the stunning Eiffel tower?   If you’re looking for a romantic and cozy place to vacation in Europe throughout the autumn, bring the person you love to beautiful Paris. 

Berlin, Germany 

Berlin is a city with a tumultuous history that stands out in Europe. Its monuments and museums pay tribute to its tragedies and can give visitors goosebumps as they gain an understanding of the past that continues to shape the city today. Visit sites including the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust memorial, and the German Museum of Technology to make your trip to Berlin an educational and powerful experience. Did you also know that Berlin is a city of festivals and cultural events? Autumn in Berlin means enjoying the festival of lights, Octoberfest, and fabulous concerts.

Fort William, Scotland 

Fort William is absolutely stunning, if you’re interested in viewing the beauty that Scotland offers, take your Europe Autumn vacation there. Take a ride throughout the countryside on the Glenfinnan full-day train tour, hike through the Isle of Sky, or enjoy an expedition to seal island.  You’ll feel transported to a historic world filled with scenic locations, dramatic hills, castles, and distilleries. 

The Cotswolds, England 

Transform yourself into a character from a fairy tale by taking your autumn Europe vacation in The Cotswolds. Where most people gravitate to London, this little cottage village and farming town will give you a sense of magic. Visit Warwick Castle, tour Blenheim Palace, and for television fans, experience Downton Abby Village. With the largest collection of antique shops outside of London, you can immerse yourself in another world of recent and distant history, arts, and culture.  

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