Traditionally, summer weddings are very popular. Some cultures believe that June weddings will bring a blessing others just enjoy the warm weather and scenery. Whatever reason you choose to get married in the summer, there are several benefits including longer daylight, consistent weather, and guest availability. Here are some of the most beneficial pros to having a summer wedding. 

Long Daylight 
Summer solstice–taking place on June 21st–is the longest day of the year. There are many pros to having a summer wedding, but this is one of the most popular reasons people choose to celebrate in summer more than any other season. 

If you have an outdoor wedding, you can enjoy the sunlight until eight or nine in the evening, making for great photo opportunities at a late sunset, and plenty of time to enjoy cocktail hour outside. 

Fresh Flowers 
Another one of the most important pros to having a summer wedding is the flowers. Local Canadian flowers are blooming and beautiful this time of year, allowing for more extravagant and more affordable bouquets. Enjoy the fresh flowers that Canada has to offer when you choose to have a summer wedding. 

Wider Options For Wardrobe 
Every Canadian knows the irritation of putting together a great outfit and having to hide it with a coat during the cold weather. When you choose to have your wedding in a colder season, you are experiencing this feeling to the max. Summer weddings allow for a wider range of wardrobe choices from extravagant to beachy, and they don’t require guests to wear and then check their coats at the door. 

Consistent Weather 
While it’s important to have a backup in case it begins to rain, often summer weather is the least fickle of all of the seasons. One of the huge pros of a summer wedding is that you don’t have to worry about a sudden blizzard on your special day. While rain does occur at times, the weather is guaranteed to be consistently warm and your venue consistently accessible throughout the day. 

Ensure Your Special Day Goes Off Without A Hitch 
Regardless of if you choose to have a summer wedding or a wedding any other time in the year, there are many pros to holding your special day in whatever season you choose. Ensure that your wedding goes as smoothly as possible with wedding insurance through Hudson’s Bay Financial Services. When you choose to insure your wedding, you’re allowing potentially significant liability issues like venue damage, and lost deposits to be handled by insurance experts, allowing you to truly enjoy your special day. 

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