Throwing a non-profit or charity event can be stressful enough. From finding the right sponsors and the right venue to ensuring that you’ll be able to complete your objective of raising funds or awareness, it’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. The last thing you need when planning your non-profit event the worry about potential liability in case of injury, stolen items, or damaged venue space. It’s important when planning a non-profit event to always consider event insurance for that extra bit of confidence and help.

What Is Event Insurance? 
Event insurance is exactly what its name suggests: insurance to protect the host of an event in the incident of accidental damage or injury. While many people think of event insurance as being necessary at weddings and other large and extravagant affairs, however, event insurance can be just as or even more valuable for non-profit events. 

What’s Covered Under Event Insurance? 
If you’re considering event insurance for your non-profit event, you may be wondering what exactly event insurance covers and how it applies to you. While there are several different aspects that event insurance covers, the most important or commonly-needed coverage includes: 

  • Bodily injuries including slips and falls 
  • Lost Deposits 
  • Stolen or damaged gifts 
  • Liquor-related accidents 
  • Damage to the venue 

How Event Insurance Could Benefit A Non-Profit Event 
Unfortunately, we can’t predict the unpredictable. Even in events where the main focus is charity or non-profit work, there can be mistakes, injuries, and accidental venue damage. A great way to ensure that you can enjoy your event, focus on the important tasks at hand, and have no worries once the event is in full swing is to invest in event insurance. With quality event insurance from Hudson’s Bay Financial Services, you can truly focus on enjoying your event, knowing that in the case of an accident or mishap, you’re covered. 

Need insurance for your non-profit event? 
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