After the past couple of years of staying home and social distancing, many Canadians are itching to get out, experience new things, or host a special event they’ve postponed. However, it’s been a while since most of us have organized an event and it can be difficult to know where to start.  If you’re thinking of planning an event this summer but you’re feeling a bit rusty, have no fear! Follow these simple tips to ensure your and your guests’ experience goes off without a hitch. 

Choose Your Date Carefully
 Before you can plan a location, a budget, decor, or any other vital event planning step, you first have to choose the date.   When planning your party, your goal is to work as best you can with your guests’ schedules to minimize conflicts to their attendance. A few tips to keep in mind when selecting your date: 

  • Try to avoid booking your event near major holidays or on a long weekends as many people choose to vacation during those times with family and friends
  • Saturdays are typically the best day to ensure as many people as possible can attend
  • Weekdays and weekday evening events are typically much less expensive but may interfere with guests’ work and school schedules 
  • Check your calendar and confirm that you’re not booking your event at the same time as someone else you know to avoid overlapping your guest lists
  • Have several dates in mind before searching for venues.  The perfect hall may not be available on your first date of choice.  Knowing what other dates work means more flexibility in booking the “perfect” venue.

Outline A Clear Budget 

When planning an event, it can be very tempting to go above and beyond with food, drinks, decor, and the little details that make these things so special. While it’s understandable that you would want to make your party a great one, make sure that you have a budget set up before you begin planning. Define the target budget for photographer, decor, event space, food, and entertainment and work with your venue to see what services they can provide.  Remember to keep money set aside for those unexpected smaller expenses such as a guest book or gifts.

Choosing Your Venue 
Where do you want to host your event? Is your dining room big enough? Do you have space in your backyard? Or are you planning on hosting this event at a hall or venue?  Take the time to find the best venue possible for you and your guests. It’s a common misconception that the biggest or fanciest venue is the best choice, when in reality, the best choice accommodates your guests, fits your needs, and works within your budget.

Be sure to always tour the potential event venue before you choose to sign and book it!  It’s important to speak with their event coordinator and ask them for details about

  • What is included?
  • Are there any additional fees such as gratuity?
  • Are the staff licenced servers?
  • How many guests can their venue hall accommodate?
  • Food or catering options/partners?
  • Parking and transportation

What happens if…
Even the most well-planned and executed events experience mishaps such as damage to property or even an injury from a slip and fall.  In partnership with Front Row Insurance, Hudson’s Bay Financial Services is working to protect Canadians from potential snags in hosting events.

Whether it’s a large event at a hall or a party at your home, event insurance can help s soon as you start planning the specifics.  What would happen if your vendor went out of business, declared bankruptcy before your event, or simply didn’t show up? We help with lost deposits.  Did you know that many event venues now require organizers to have thei own event insurance?   We provide you with a certificate of insurance enabling you to share with your venue of choice and secure your date. You should focus on having fun and hosting the best event possible, we’ll focus on your protection.  

Do you have an event in mind?  Answer a few questions and we’ll get a free quote.  
Coverage starts at as little as $105 CAD*
 Event Insurance Quote

And, as a bonus, you’ll earn 2,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points whe you purchase an event insurance policy with Front Row Insurance Brokers

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*Pricing is subject to change