Depending on your province you can experience between eight and ten holiday long weekends every year.  If you, like many Canadians, are feeling the itch to travel during a long weekend this year, a great way to ensure that your long weekend will go off without a hitch is by taking the time to plan it properly. Here are a few great ways to make the most of your long weekend! 

Budget Before Anything Else 
When you begin planning for your long weekend getaway, the first thing to do before choosing where to go, where to stay, and how to get there, is to come up with a simple and comprehensive budget. When travelling, it can be very easy to lose track of purchases and spend more than you’d like to. Take the time to set your overall budget, and how food, accommodations, and transportation can fit into those guidelines. 

Explore One Of Canada’s Many Beautiful Vacation Spots 
Canadians are lucky to have so many wonderful and diverse places within the country to visit. You may want to travel to a city where your extended family resides, or perhaps you already have a favourite place to travel within Canada on long weekends. If you haven’t decided on a place to vacation, consider one of the many beautiful towns and cities that are ready to be explored. From Old Montreal, Victoria BC, to Calgary Alberta, you’re bound to find the perfect vacation spot in Canada! 

Beat The Crowds 
When planning your long-weekend getaway, a great way to make sure it goes well and you get to do everything you planned is to be flexible. It’s safe to assume that wherever you decide to travel will be a bit busier than usual due to the long weekend. It can make a difference if you’re willing to start your trip a day early or perhaps stay through to Tuesday and Wednesday to enjoy the destination without the long weekend crowds. 

Look For Upcoming Events, Plan Activities book Restaurants Before You Leave
When you plan for your activities, events, and meals in advance, you’re not only ensuring that everything stays within your budget, but you’re also ensuring that you get to see and do what’s important to you. Take the time to sit down with those accompanying you on the trip and get a good idea of what you’d like to see, do, and eat on your long weekend. With a proper itinerary, you won’t have to worry about missing out on any activities or feeling stuck when choosing what to do or where to eat.  

Travel Insurance
Unfortunately, even when you do everything right in preparing for your long weekend, accidents can still happen. According to the Government Of Canada, unintentional injuries were the 5th leading cause of hospitalization among ages 1-35, and the 6th leading cause of death between all ages combined. That’s why it’s important to first choose reliable and reputable travel insurance before leaving the province or the country. 

Hudson’s Bay Financial Services has partnered with Tour+Med Travel Insurance to provide our customers with the best possible travel insurance for their long weekend getaways. Give yourself peace of mind that even if an accident were to happen while you’re enjoying your long weekend, the financial burden is off of your shoulders, allowing you to truly focus on rest and recovery. 

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Tour+Med is a travel insurance product underwritten by LS-Travel, insurance company and offered by Hudson’s Bay Financial Services. Tour+Med has provided medical and non-medical travel insurance to Canadian residents since 1996. 

Insured clients must meet eligibility conditions, which vary based on age and protection. Exclusions and limitations could apply: see the policy for details.