Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a Canadian who hasn’t been impacted by cancer in some way; whether they themselves have had cancer or someone they love has had cancer, this is an illness that continues to harm Canadians and people across the world every day. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, approximately 2 in 5 (or 40%) of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lives, which is why it’s so important to honour World Cancer Awareness Month by becoming educated about cancer, those who are impacted, and ways in which you can help to lead a healthy life.

World Cancer Day
February 4th was World Cancer Day, however, the rest of the month of February is also dedicated to cancer awareness, treatment, and prevention. While it’s safe to say that most Canadians are aware of cancer or have experienced cancer intimately through being diagnosed themselves or knowing a loved one who has, it’s also important to consider cancer prevention such as regular exercise, a commitment to abstain from cigarettes and to schedule regular cancer screenings. During the month of February, be sure to reflect on how cancer has impacted the lives of Canadians, and ask yourself in what ways you can live a healthy life.

The Canadians Affected By Cancer
As stated above, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, about 40% of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. According to a 2019 poll, cancer is the leading cause of death in Canadians with about 28.2% (heart disease is about 18.5%) of annual Canadian mortalities. During this year’s World Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important to take the time to reflect on the lives impacted and the lives ended in Canada by cancer.

Support Through Critical Illness Insurance
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