Travel insurance–being a necessary part of safe and easy travel–can be purchased through several avenues. One form of travel insurance that is often relied upon for better or for worse is the “free” travel insurance that is included with many credit cards spanning across all different providers. While convenient, is credit card travel insurance enough? The short answer is no, it’s not. Let us explain why.

Consider Your Family’s Eligibility
Primarily, using just your credit card’s insurance as opposed to opting for proper travel insurance may mean limited coverage for your family or your trip. While some credit card insurance policies vary, many of them only cover the credit card holder and not the spouse or children who are an integral part of the trip. Plus, even in cases that the card may cover whoever else is travelling with the cardholder, the insurance may not allow for the duration of time you wish to travel for, and may only cover you for a restricted number of days.

Coverage Limitations And Payments
Often, although credit card insurance may be advertised as adequate, there are harsh limitations that could leave you floating the bill in case of emergency. Before choosing to forego proper travel insurance in favour of credit card insurance, it’s important that you look deeply and comprehensively over your credit card contract.

It’s actually very common than not for credit cards to refuse repatriation in the event of a death, emergency airlifting to the patient’s place of origin, or emergency medication, let alone lost luggage, missed flights, or other minute issues that one may experience while travelling.

It is important to always review your credit card policy as many of them stipulate they will only cover travel expenses that were purchased using the credit card. If you booked accommodations or airfare with a different payment method, you most likely won’t be covered for those expenses if your trip is interrupted or cancelled.

Why Choose Tour+Med?
If you’re considering travelling any time soon, don’t leave your safety, finances, and health in the hands of secondary insurance from your credit card; instead, choose to invest in proper travel insurance. Have peace of mind on your next vacation knowing that you’ll be financially covered in both the event of small issues like missed flights, lost luggage, and unexpected travel expenses as well as large issues like emergencies or death.

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Tour+Med is a travel insurance product underwritten by LS-Travel, insurance company and offered by Hudson’s Bay Financial Services. Residents of Quebec: The product is sold through Vigilis Insurance & Financial Services. Tour+Med has provided medical and non-medical travel insurance to Canadian residents since 1996.

Insured clients must meet eligibility conditions, which vary based on age and protection. Exclusions and limitations could apply: see the policy for details.