It’s no surprise to anyone who enjoys travelling that it can be costly. Not only do you pay for costs like flight, living accommodations, and sightseeing, but you also pay for food, attraction admissions and shopping. Paying for the fun parts of your vacation is not usually something to be upset about, however, when you experience unplanned expenses completely out of your control, it can be very frustrating. Fortunately, some of the biggest unexpected travel expenses can be taken care of through using as much foresight as possible and relying on quality travel insurance when you’re on vacation.

When booking a trip, we generally hope for the best. Having to cancel your trip from an unforeseen emergency at home or perhaps an issue with the resort you booked with can leave you footing the bill for a vacation you didn’t even go on. A good way to help avoid unexpected travel expenses due to cancellation is to research where you’re staying and find the best cancellation policy possible.

Baggage Fees
If you’ve ever travelled by airplane, you understand how expensive baggage fees can become. Some airlines use baggage fees as a way to supplement and boost profits, meaning they have incentive to charge abnormally high fees for extra baggage. A great way to avoid unnecessary travel expenses due to baggage fees is to take advantage of your carry-on baggage allowance, and pack some clothing and other necessities to take with you in the cabin of the plane.

Lost Luggage
Another common issue regarding baggage is the potential for lost or stolen luggage. Lost luggage can be a nightmare for those who are not insured because it can be extremely expensive to have to replace your belongings in a foreign country. The best way to prepare for the unexpected travel expense of lost luggage is to ensure you’ve invested in a quality travel insurance policy that can cover and replace any lost belongings due to lost luggage.

Unexpected Weather
Even the most beautiful and accommodating climates have their rainy seasons. If you happen to book your vacation during the week of miserable weather, you could end up spending more than you’d like on weather-safe clothing and boots. When traveling to tropical countries, make sure to pack a very light raincoat and a pair of waterproof footwear just in case you may need them. Coming prepared with your own clothing will save you unexpected travel expenses on clothing from local shops.

How To Avoid Unexpected Travel Expenses
While there are several ways that you can predict and plan to save money on your next vacation, sometimes the unexpected just occurs and leaves you with the bill. If you’re interested in taking a vacation without the stress of unexpected expenses, it may be beneficial for you to invest in travel insurance. When you invest in a quality travel insurance plan, you’re ensuring that unexpected travel expenses like lost luggage, cancellations, and emergencies do not cost you financially. By investing in travel insurance, you’re able to release the stress of the ‘what ifs’ and enjoy your vacation the way you’re meant to.

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Tour+Med is a travel insurance product underwritten by LS-Travel, insurance company and offered by Hudson’s Bay Financial Services. Residents of Quebec: The product is sold through Vigilis Insurance & Financial Services. Tour+Med has provided medical and non-medical travel insurance to Canadian residents since 1996.

Insured clients must meet eligibility conditions, which vary based on age and protection. Exclusions and limitations could apply: see the policy for details.