As Canadians, we experience very long and unforgiving winters, leaving many of us feeling cold and tired with a bad case of the winter blues. This winter, if you’re planning on going on vacation to escape the cold and snow, there are several beautiful tropical-climate countries that you should consider visiting to shake your winter blues. Here are our top five favourite places to travel to escape Canadian winters.

Cuba is a wonderful place to visit during the winter, and it’s one of our top places to travel not only because of its incredible hot weather and beautiful beaches, but also because of its rich and vibrant history and spectacular wildlife. Cuba is known for its delicious local cuisine, as well as its rum, cigars, and classic cars. If you’re interested in taking a vacation that allows you to truly enjoy the finer things in life, slow down, and enjoy drinks on the beach, Cuba is the perfect place for you.

Mexico is one of our top places to travel because of both its affordability as well as its long list of activities and sights to see. Mexico is a country with a rich cultural heritage from religious and cultural architecture to beautiful cultural celebrations and monuments. While in Mexico, you can expect to enjoy sunny beaches and warm weather, but you can also enjoy a country that offers a lot to learn culturally, especially with its incredible food, music, and fashion.

If you’re an adventurous vacationer who loves to enjoy warm weather and beautiful sights, Belize is the place for you. Belize belongs in our list of top places to travel this winter because of its gorgeous wildlife and sea life that can be experienced in one of its many dive spots that are inhabited by beautiful creatures including sharks, dolphins, eels, and octopuses. Belize is the perfect place to mix adventure with luxury, warm weather, and relaxation.

Palm Springs
Party like a movie star when you decide to visit the luxurious and beautiful Palm Springs this winter. Without having to leave the continent, you can enjoy natural hot springs, world-class golf courses, five-star food, and beautiful sunny weather. Palm Springs has been a popular vacation destination since the 1930s and it’s not difficult to see why. As the golf capital of the world with many luxury resorts, shopping amenities, and restaurants, Palm Springs offers something to cure the winter blues for the whole family!

Considered the safest island in all of the Caribbean, Aruba is a wonderful destination for families and couples alike. Aruba is famous for its wonderful white beaches, hot days, and its community of wonderful residents who make visitors feel welcome. Aruba offers a variety of delicious seasonal and cultural foods that are made authentically, as well as their signature drink: The Aruba Ariba Cocktail. The whole family will enjoy their time in Aruba thawing out in the sun from escaping a freezing Canadian winter.

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