During the winter months, many Canadians like to take a break from the cold and snow and enjoy a much-needed vacation. While taking a vacation is beneficial for the whole family in many ways, planning for one can be stressful, especially when you’re leaving your pets at home. An important part of caring for your pets while you’re on vacation is to make sure you’re also caring for yourself. If you have pets and you’re planning on going on vacation this winter, here are a few of our simple pet caring tips to make life as easy as possible for yourself and your furry friends, and how to best take care of your own needs so you can come home to your pets safe and sound.

Leave Detailed Instructions
Certain parts of your routine with your pet may seem completely mundane and unimportant to you, but to your pet they’re a great source of joy. This is why it’s important to really take the time to think and write out a detailed list of your routine, what you feed you pet and how much, your pet’s quirks, wants, and needs, and anything else you may think is beneficial for whoever is watching your pet to know. One of our best tips for caring for your pet while you’re away is to give your pet’s sitter a slew of information about your pet, plus any emergency contact numbers including their regular veterinarian.

Leave Something To Comfort Your Pet
One of the most simple yet effective tips for caring for your pet while you’re on vacation is to bring them comfort while you’re away by leaving them something of yours. An old t-shirt, stuffed animal, or blanket of yours left in your pet’s bed or play area can let them smell the object and think of you while you’re away. This gives many pets comfort in confusing times.

Keep The Goodbyes Short
We know it can be tempting, but try not to freak out when saying goodbye to your pet. If you are too emotional, take too long to say goodbye, or you make too big of a fuss, your pet might think that something is wrong and panic. By keeping your goodbyes cool and short, you’re telling your pet that there’s nothing to worry about and you’ll see them very soon.

Make Sure Yourself And Your Pet Are Insured
One of our best tips for caring for your pet is to care for yourself as well. While you’re on vacation, take care of the person your pet loves most by investing in quality travel insurance for yourself as well as pet insurance for your furry friend. By doing so, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be covered if anything were to go wrong with your vacation or with your furry friend at home. Care for yourself and your pet this vacation by making sure you’re protected by HBFS, Petline, and Tour+Med.

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