Fall is here, and some of the best parts of fall are just around the corner. Hosting dinners and parties for Thanksgiving, Halloween, and all of the wonderful winter holidays ahead can be very exciting, but they do come with their own set of stresses. Sometimes, wine can be spilled on couches, lamps can be knocked over, and rugs can get stained. If you’re worried about protecting your furniture and your home during the holidays, here are a few tips that may help.

Cover And Protect
A really simple trick in protecting your furniture during the holidays is to cover it up before your guests arrive. No, we’re not suggesting that you wrap your couch in cellophane, but you’d be surprised how far something as simple as a tablecloth and/or a fabric couch cover can go! Get yourself some stylish print fabrics to cover and protect your favourite furniture, your guests won’t notice and you’ll have peace of mind throughout the party.

You Can Never Have Enough Coasters!
Not only are coasters a great way to add decor and a splash of colour to your tables, but they can also be the difference between a pristine or stained coffee table at the end of the night. A great idea is to go to the dollar store before your gathering and buy a few packs of different colourful coasters, then leave a few on every surface! If they’re there, people will use them.

Set Your Guests Up For Success
No one wants to go to a party where the host is always fussing about keeping everything clean! Luckily, there are ways to encourage your guests to be tidy and clean without coming off as a square! Set your guests up for success by having several garbage pails ready and available, a specific place to put dirty glasses and dishes, and provide wine glass markers to ensure your guests don’t lose their drinks!

Be Prepared For A Mess
It’s only natural that there will be a few accidents and spills throughout a gathering and that’s okay! Having essential cleaning supplies on hand like paper towels, an all-purpose cleaner, and a broom and dustpan will ensure that you’re prepared for any accidents that could occur. The quicker you’re able to tackle a mess, the less damage it can do.

Trust ZucoraHome And Hudson’s Bay Financial Services
Even when we’ve done all that we can in protecting our home and our furniture from the messes of the holidays, accidents can still happen. For complete peace of mind while hosting during the holidays, we recommend to all of our customers that they choose to invest in a Smarter Living Plan with ZucoraHome and Hudson’s Bay Financial Services. Our Smarter Living home service plans offer protection on your home’s furnishings and appliances in the event of damage or malfunction resulting in the need for repair or replacement. A Smarter Living Plan covers your furniture in case of accidental stains, damage, wear and tear, and deterioration so you can enjoy your holiday party knowing that you’re covered in case of any accidents.

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