All homeowners know that not everything in your house is always going to run smoothly! Sometimes, appliances like your furnace, oven, and refrigerator break down, and sometimes your favourite furniture can get stained or damaged. Usually, we consider repairs and replacements a normal cost of living, but they don’t have to be! With Hudson’s Bay and ZucoraHome’s Smarter Living Plan, everyday breakdowns and damages don’t have to come out of your pocket!

What Is a Smarter Living Plan?
Our Smarter Living Plan provides repair and replacement protection for home furnishings, major appliances, and home systems that your home insurance doesn’t cover. When you sign up for our plan, you can rest easy knowing that the vital things in your home like your couch, dishwasher or air conditioner are protected if damaged or in need of repair.

After signing up for a Smarter Living Plan, we will cover the costs of labour, repair, and even product replacement, and no product is too old to be protected. If you would like to simply try out our plan, we offer a thirty-day period with a full refund policy, no questions asked. That means great service with no risk to you!

How Does It Work?
If an item that is covered by the Smarter Living Plan in your home is in need of repair or replacement, you can call our technicians on our 24/7 hotline. Our technicians will be sent to your home with a nominal trade service fee, and then we pay the costs for parts and labour to repair or replace your item! This way, you have peace of mind 24/7 that you’re covered if any major appliance, furniture or home system in your home breaks down or gets damaged!

Who Is ZucoraHome?
ZucoraHome is Canada’s Smarter Living Company. With almost two million plan holders, ZucoraHome has been helping Canadians for more than 40 years by safeguarding their household budgets with product protection plans and Smarter Living repair and replacement home service programs.

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