This September, we at Hudson’s Bay Financial Services want to bring forward and acknowledge ovarian and prostate cancer awareness. As September is officially ovarian cancer awareness and prostate cancer awareness month, we hope to offer strength to both the men and the women affected by these illnesses.

Ovarian Cancer And The Canadians Affected
Ovarian cancer awareness month brings attention to the Canadian women who are diagnosed and treated for ovarian cancer each day throughout our country. Annually over 3,100 Canadian women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer (about 8 Canadian women daily). Unfortunately, ovarian cancer does not often show signs in its early stages and can be difficult to detect, which is why it’s vital that a portion of cancer research and treatment funds are allocated toward ovarian cancer research initiatives.

Prostate Cancer And The Individuals Affected
Prostate cancer awareness month brings attention to the Canadian men who are diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer each day throughout our country. Unfortunately, one in nine Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, however, if caught in the early stages, survival rates are close to 100%! More good news is that the death from prostate cancer has dropped by 50% since 1994! By encouraging Canadians to participate in fundraisers and other initiatives to end prostate cancer, we hope to see that number rise to 100%!

The September 2021 Terry Fox Run
Canada’s long tradition of celebrating Terry Fox and his contributions to cancer awareness, research, and funding continues with the September 2021 Terry Fox run. The 2021 Terry Fox run takes place on September 19th. There are many ways to participate from joining the run yourself, to donating, to sponsoring another participant.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2021 Terry Fox run, visit their official website.

Support Through Critical Illness Insurance
Ovarian and prostate cancer awareness month may have you wondering if you and your family will be supported if a critical illness does occur. Unfortunately, we can’t predict when a critical illness will arise, however, we can help prepare ourselves and our families for the instance that it does happen. With Hudson’s Bay Financial Services and Chubb Life Insurance Company of Canada, you can have peace of mind by ensuring that you will have full protection and support in the event of a critical illness. With 23 critical illnesses covered, as well as early breast and prostate cancer treatment benefits, you can feel comfortable knowing that if a critical illness does occur, you can focus on your family and your healing instead of worrying about your finances.

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