As Covid restrictions lift and we begin to return to our lives as normal, our way of living and working at home will change. Many of us who’ve been itching to get out of the house and back to our regular routines will be shopping, eating, and working outside of our homes for the first time in over a year. For our furry friends who’ve become accustomed to our presence in the house at all times, this can be a stressful transition for them that can cause pet separation anxiety. As pet owners, we love to see our cats and dogs happy and healthy, so here are a few tips that can help reduce pet separation anxiety when you return to the office.

Practice Short Absences First
Before you go back to work for good, take the time to leave your pet at home alone in small doses to show them that they’re safe even when you’re not there. Go for a drive, a walk, or go enjoy some “you” time without your pet; this shows them that it’s not a big deal when you leave and that you’ll always come back!

Try To Keep A Schedule
Dogs can really benefit from a consistent schedule, so if it’s possible, try to leave home and arrive back every day around the same time. By keeping a schedule, your pet will get used to you leaving and feel comfortable knowing that you’ll come back around the same time each day.

Punishment Is Not The Answer
Animals do not act in spite, so it’s important to remember that if your dog or cat gets into trouble or makes a mess when you’re gone they didn’t do it to be malicious. Some pets will chew or destroy items when they feel stressed, so if your pet has chewed on something they weren’t supposed to when you were gone, remember that it stems from separation anxiety and try to be patient with them!

Don’t Make A Fuss!
When you know your pet is upset while you’re leaving, it can be tempting to make a fuss by telling them you love them and giving them lots of goodbye kisses, but it’s important to avoid this behaviour. By making a fuss before you leave, you’re telling your pet that there is something to be worried about; instead, leave and come back home normally to show them that it’s your normal routine.

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