With travel restrictions lifting, many of us are itching to go on vacation, even within our own beautiful country. Unfortunately, many people don’t purchase insurance for travel within Canada because they don’t feel it is necessary; this is far from the truth! The right coverage can provide additional health protection for out-of-province travel and reimburse you for trip cancellation and lost luggage. When you trust your in-country travel insurance with Hudson’s Bay Financial Services and Tour+Med, you are ensuring that you’ll have true peace of mind throughout your vacation!

Out-of-Province Health Coverage
Canadians can access medical services outside of their home province, but not all services and prescription medications are covered. Also, medical transportation to get home is likely not covered, requiring you to pay out-of-pocket. With travel insurance, these types of costs would be covered, allowing you to focus on your recovery, not on how you’ll pay for your care.

Trip Cancellation
A trip within Canada can be just as expensive as a trip outside of the country, and plans can just as easily change. If you have travel insurance, you could be reimbursed for trip cancellation due to illness or a family emergency — saving you thousands of dollars.

Lost Baggage
While travelling within Canada, you could still experience the frustration of lost luggage. Without insurance, you could be responsible for paying to replace lost items while the airline tracks down your bags; however, with the right insurance, you could minimize the financial impact of such a situation.

Why Tour+Med?
Tour+Med has over 25 years of experience insuring Canadians and offers an array of plans to fit individuals and family trips for up to 212 days. With single plans, multi-annual plans, and family plans, you’re bound to find a policy that fits your budget and your needs. Tour+Med doesn’t require individuals under 59 years of age to fill out a medical questionnaire (and also for individuals aged 60 to 74, travelling below 16 days) and covers accidents from lost luggage to accidental death and dismemberment. Let Tour+Med cover you during your trip, so the only thing you have to worry about is having a good time!

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Tour+Med is a travel insurance product underwritten by LS-Travel, insurance company and offered by Hudson’s Bay Financial Services. Residents of Quebec: The product is sold through Vigilis Insurance & Financial Services. Tour+Med has provided medical and non-medical travel insurance to residents of Canada since 1996.

Insured clients must meet eligibility conditions, which vary based on age and protection. Exclusions and limitations could apply: see the policy for details.