For those of us with furry companions like cats and dogs, the summer can be a great chance to spend some quality time with them; and although we want our animals to have fun and see new adventures, the most important thing is that we keep them safe. Summer comes with a slew of health risks to animals, so keep these risks and how to avoid them in mind when spending time with your pet this season!

The Heat Can Be Deadly
A major summer health risk to your pet is the potential for dehydration or even heatstroke. If you notice that your dog is urinating less, has dry gums, is acting lethargic, or is refusing to eat, they may be suffering from a heat-related illness. If you notice that your cat is favouring parts of their skin, or doesn’t want to be touched, they may have a sunburn.

To help prevent heatstroke and dehydration, remember to always bring fresh water for your pets to drink wherever you go, feel sidewalks with your hand to make sure it’s not too hot for your pet to walk on, and keep them from spending too much time in direct sunlight.

Beware Of Other Creatures
Summer is a time for your dogs (and even cats) to enjoy time outside, but they’re not the only creatures that come out in the summer. Ticks, fleas, bees, and mosquitos all can make an appearance in a backyard during the summer, and just like for us, insect or animal stings and bites can cause an adverse reaction in your pet.

It’s recommended that in order to catch bug bites, ticks, or even minor injuries before they become a serious issue, increase how often you groom your animals throughout the summer. Regular brushing will let you inspect your pet’s fur and help you notice any problems right away, and then you can address them immediately.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Covered
We try our best to keep our pets safe throughout the summer and the rest of the year, but health risks still occur, and accidents do happen. When the unforeseen does become a reality, it’s best to have insurance on your side. With pet insurance through Hudson’s Bay Financial Services, we can help you and your pet be prepared for any health risks that may come about this summer.

When summer health risks arise for your pet,
protect them with Pet Insurance!

Protect your pets with pet insurance from Hudson’s Bay and Petline – Canada’s largest pet insurance company. Pet owners can be reimbursed for up to 80% of veterinary costs, including X-rays, hospitalization, surgery, dental care, and prescriptions. Plus, owners can earn up to 4,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points with their enrolment.

*Rates and product details are effective as of July 1, 2020, and are subject to change without notice. All plans are subject to the terms and conditions of your Policy and Documents of Insurance. Premiums vary by breed and where you live.