Challenging yourself to a new skill or activity can be daunting at first, as investing time, energy, and money in a hobby only to come to the realization that you don’t know where to begin can and does happen. If you’re interested in learning an array of hobbies from passionate professionals in the comfort of your own home, enrolling in an Online Education course is the way to go!

Choose From an Array of Different Hobbies
Whether you’re looking to learn how to paint, do yoga, or even play guitar, there’s always a new and interesting course for you to participate in. Learn your new hobby from experts with years of experience in a fun and welcoming environment, and then apply your new knowledge and skills to your everyday life.

So many people wish to hone a skill or invest in a new hobby but never take the first steps in learning how; so Shaw Academy takes the stress out of starting a new hobby with over 100 unique and helpful courses led by phenomenal teachers!

Find Your Newest Passion
What makes our courses different from participating in regular online tutorials, or reading how-to books, is that Shaw Academy works with real experienced professionals who hold expertise in their subject that can be passed on to you.

Each course is taught by instructors who are truly invested in and passionate about their craft, and the personability of a group learning environment can bring out the best in you and teach you to love and appreciate whatever hobby you’re trying to pursue while you have fun and enjoy the company of other students who are learning alongside you.

Access To Over 100 Courses For Free For Four Weeks
We know that taking the first step in investing in a new hobby can be a little bit stressful, that’s why we want to make the process easier by giving you full access to our site and all of our courses for FREE for four weeks! Enjoy complete and unlimited access to our courses on beauty, music, design, wellness, and so much more for four weeks, and then you can decide which you liked most and continue your learning from there!

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Hudson’s Bay Financial Services has partnered with Shaw Academy to provide our customers to find a hobby they’re passionate about with the ability to take courses that are affordable and accessible to everyone.