There are fewer items that you will own in your lifetime that are more sentimental than a wedding ring. From the careful selection of the diamond, to the heirloom that it may become for children and grandchildren, a wedding ring is one of the most important parts of your ceremony. Sometimes when planning a wedding, there are so many costs and services involved that you don’t know what is necessary for your big day and what is simply unneeded, but when it comes to wedding and wedding ring insurance, we suggest opting in for the proper coverage for a few major reasons that we’ve highlighted below.

Not Everything Can Be Planned For
Although many of us plan our weddings for a year (or several years) in advance, with any major party or event there’s a lot of liability involved in gathering so many people and so many services in one space; unforeseen events can leave wedding rings damaged, lost or even stolen, which can potentially ruin your big day.

Rings are a Large Investment, and Sometimes We Lose Them
Considering that Canadians spent an average of $3,500+ on their engagement rings alone in 2019, not everyone has the financial means to just run out and buy a whole new ring or pay hundreds of dollars to repair a damaged ring if something goes wrong. Replacing a diamond ring could potentially cost thousands of dollars, when wedding insurance that covers the ceremony and the reception through Front Row and Hudson’s Bay is just a fraction of that cost.

Give Yourself Some Peace of Mind on Your Big Day
Our wedding insurance covers your rings, your gowns, issues with the venue and several more vital components to your wedding and your reception. Wedding and wedding ring insurance is available for about 1% of the average cost of the wedding itself, and can potentially save you a lot of heartache (and cash) in the long run. This protection also gives you a sense of security throughout the happiest day of your life.

We know that weddings can be stressful to plan and to pull off, so take some of the stress off of the day by making sure you’re covered by our wedding insurance. That way, you can enjoy your special day with no added stress.

Ensure your special day goes as planned with online wedding insurance from Hudson’s Bay Financial Services.

When Should You Sign Up For Coverage?
You should purchase your home wedding insurance as soon as you start checking items off of your wedding checklist!

Does It Take Long?
It only takes minutes to relieve months of stress and protect your special day. Coverage starts at as little as $105 CAD*, and you can receive a free quote in 2 minutes online, so don’t wait, get your coverage today!

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*Pricing is subject to change