When renting a space for a special event, maybe a park for a family reunion, your church for an anniversary, or a hall for a company gathering, there’s already so much to worry about. Making sure guests are comfortable, that there is enough food, and the music is just right, are all fun parts of handling a big event, but burdening yourself over insurance requirements, lost or damaged property, or on-site injuries are not. That’s where we come in! Event Insurance is an absolute must-have in regards to renting out space for your celebration, and it’s easier than ever to sign up for proper protection from Front Row and Hudson’s Bay.

Venues Require Insurance
Of course, when a venue is renting out space for any event, they understand that there is a risk to their property, and a risk of being sued if an injury occurs on the property. This understanding leads to venues requiring their renters to obtain proper insurance for the event. When providing coverage for your event, we can provide certificates to the venue to also protect additional insured (i.e., the venue) in case of a lawsuit.

Let Us Handle Host Liquor Liability and On-Site Injuries
At many special events, alcohol is going to be present. Having a few drinks with your friends at a wedding can be really fun and a great way to loosen up for the dance floor! But what happens if someone takes it too far and hurts themself or someone else? Through our event insurance, host liquor liability insurance can be added to the event insurance policy (if requested). That way, if legal action is taken by someone who was injured at the venue you are renting for your event because of an alcohol-related accident, your insurance coverage will pay for your legal defence.

Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged Items
If someone bumps the gift table and knocks over a glass vase, or the gift in the big box “goes missing”, no worries. In ensuring that you have the best and smoothest event possible, our coverage allows you to replace wedding gifts if they are lost or stolen.

Take the stress out of your gathering by purchasing
event insurance through Hudson’s Bay Financial Services (In Partnership with Front Row Insurance Brokers)

When Should You Sign Up For Coverage?
You should purchase your event insurance as soon as you start planning the specifics of your event!

Does It Take Long?
It only takes a few minutes to relieve months worth of stress and protect your event. Coverage starts at as little as $105 CAD*, and you can receive a free quote in 2 minutes online, so don’t wait, get your coverage today!

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*Pricing is subject to change