Take your education to the next level from the comfort of your home. Online learning from Hudson’s Bay Financial Services through Shaw Academy offers Canadians the opportunity to upgrade skills, learn a new hobby, or start on an exciting new career path.

Upgrade Skills
There are a number of courses that are designed to help people upgrade skills commonly needed to progress in their careers. Social media marketing, graphic design, web development and courses on Excel or Photoshop are interactive classes that provide hands-on training which will leave you with tangible skills to bring to your current position.

Learn a Hobby
If you’re interested in personal development, you can sign up for a photography or music class to get the basics of a new hobby. You can also explore our health and fitness courses if you’re interested in obtaining a certificate in fitness, nutrition or sports nutrition.

New Career
Courses that provide an overview of project management or leadership development can help you make the leap into a new career. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, we also offer online courses that outline how to start your own business. Having these skills can give you the confidence needed to try something new.

At Shaw Academy, we have over 100 different courses to advance your education. From graphic design programs and classes on how to start your own business to financial trading and investment — our personalized education helps you master and learn valuable skills and increase your knowledge in various industries.

Shaw Academy also offers courses specifically designed for kids. Some students find our excel programs help them with their homework while others use it to extend their current curriculum.

Browse our course catalogue and register online.

Hudson’s Bay Financial Services has partnered with Shaw Academy to provide our customers with a great education that is affordable and accessible to everyone.