First of all, what is online wedding insurance? It is a low cost insurance policy that protects a couple if they are sued because of a mishap at their wedding that injures a guest or damages the venue. It also covers lost rings, presents, gowns, but does not cover the missing best man!

You should buy wedding insurance because:

  1. Wedding insurance allows you to relax and enjoy the big day. Weddings cost an average $30,150 in Canada. The hall, the food, the DJ, flowers, photos and all the other costs add up to an expensive day. Wedding coverage provides you with peace of mind in two ways. Wedding property insurance provides coverage for damage to: your wedding attire, lost/stolen gifts, photographs – even wedding ring insurance and more. Wedding liability insurance covers you when you are legally responsible for injury or damages that occur at your wedding. If your yoga teacher guest slips on spilled wine and tears knee ligaments and cannot work, they may sue you for lost income and rehab or medical costs. Wedding liability insurance also provides a lawyer to defend you.
  2. Many wedding venues require that you show evidence of wedding liability coverage. Many venues do not want to be responsible for situations that happen at your wedding that cause damage to their venue or injury to your guests. This means requiring short-term event insurance from you – the tenant of their venue. Check your venue contract to see if you are responsible for providing a wedding liability certificate to your venue owners. Our certificates are free and can be issued within 60 seconds of paying with a credit card on our website. You also have the option to make your purchase from your phone or tablet.
  3. Vendors may not give you a refund if you cancel. What happens if you are forced to cancel or postpone your wedding? Will the baker take back the cake? Will the banquet hall and caterer refund your deposit? Will the photographer refund their deposit? In these cases, you will want to recoup as much money as possible and you can do so by transferring the risk to insurance.

Hudson’s Bay Financial Services (in partnership with Front Row Insurance Brokers)
is proud to offer reliable online wedding event insurance.

When Should You Get Wedding Coverage?

As soon as you start your wedding checklist! Let’s say you put a deposit on your wedding venue months in advance of your wedding date and then it is damaged in a windstorm a month before the big day. With online wedding insurance, you’ll receive your deposit back.

Get a Quote in 2 Minutes

Protect your special day in less than 6 minutes and pay with a credit card. The cost of wedding coverage starts as low as $105 CAD. Quotes take 2 minutes and are offered free without obligation on our website.