As a loving and responsible parent, you hope to provide your children with a better life than yours. From the day your child is born, you plan and save for their future, and do your best to support them so that they can live out their dreams. This is what our grandparents dreamed of doing for our parents and what our parents wanted for us.

While we cannot completely shield our sons and daughters from the challenges and obstacles that life throws their way, we certainly can find ways to help protect and nurture them. With today’s unprecedented health crisis and economic pressures, we need to be more committed than ever to planning for our children’s futures, providing them with a sense of security, and hoping that today’s tragedy will not define their future.

For 340 years, the Hudson’s Bay Company has been there with Canadian families, in good times as well as challenging times and understands the dreams and hopes parents have for their children. Now more than ever, Hudson’s Bay believes that hope belongs to our children and to help parents plan for their children’s future, we are proud to introduce Child PlanTM, a secure, tax-free investment that can be opened by parents and grandparents on behalf of their young ones as early as 14 days after their birth.

From the day you open Child PlanTM, your child or grandchild will receive a tax free annual dividend for life which will give them the freedom to pursue education anywhere in the world without restrictions, buy their first home, or pursue any ambition in life they have.

If you’re interested in investing in the Child PlanTM for your kids or grandchildren,
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At Hudson’s Bay, we know that parenting is tough, especially today, but keeping a promise of hope for your future generations doesn’t have to be. Learn more about Child PlanTM and how Hudson’s Bay Financial Services is helping parents protect what is most precious to you.