In 2018, the 87 shelters and 7 foster-based branches of the Canadian Humane Society and SPCA took in over 81,000 cats and a little less than 32,000 dogs.1 When you choose to adopt a pet, you’re helping to save one of the thousands of animals that are brought into the shelter system every year.

In addition to saving a life, there are other benefits to adopting a pet.

Save Money
Buying a dog or cat from a breeder can be extremely expensive, especially if you’re looking to buy a trendy breed. When you go to a shelter, their aim is to save animals, not make money. The adoption fees are small and used to help cover vaccinations and spaying/neutering costs.

Unconditional Love
People that rescue pets often swear that animals know they’ve been saved and therefore are more appreciative and affectionate. Additionally, adopting a pet from a shelter can make you feel happy about doing some good in the world.

Find the Best Pet for Your Lifestyle
When a dog or cat comes through the shelter, staff get to know it’s personality and temperament. With that information, staff are better able to place a pet with the right family. They know if the dog or cat prefers to be the only animal in the house, what their activity level is, and whether they’d be a good fit for a home with children.

Skip the Housetraining
Many surrendered animals are older and have some housetraining and general obedience training. By adopting an older animal, you can skip the frustrating struggle of housebreaking and go right into snuggles on the couch.

When you find the perfect addition to your family, make sure you keep them safe by investing in pet insurance. Hudson’s Bay Financial Services is happy to offer coverage through Petline Insurance to help keep your dog and cat safe. You can be reimbursed for up to 80% of the cost of veterinary services such as X-rays, hospitalization, surgery, dental care and any prescriptions required for accidents or illness.

Plans also include coverage for medical devices and therapies such as physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. Plus, when you sign up, you’re eligible to receive up to 4,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points annually.2

Learn more about Petline Insurance.

Pet insurance for Hudson’s Bay customers is arranged for by Hudson’s Bay Financial Services and underwritten by Petline Insurance Company, Canada’s largest pet insurance company.

1 Humane Canada. “2018 Animal Shelter Statistics.” Retrieved on June 1, 2020 from: https://humanecanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/2018-Canadian-Animal-Shelter-Statistics.pdf

2 Earn 2,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points when you purchase a Basic Care plan, 3,000 Rewards points for an Enhanced Care plan and 4,000 Rewards points for an Enhanced Care Plus plan. Rewards points will be issued in equal increments after every six months when you use a valid Canadian-issued credit card to pay for your premiums and will not be pro-rated. Offer valid in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec and the Yukon.