With the holidays right around the corner, many people are preparing for trips to see friends and family. If you take your pet with you on vacation, make sure they’ll be a good house guest by following these five tips.

1. Don’t Assume Your Pet Is Welcome
Not everyone wants a dog, cat, bird or another animal in their home for the holidays. Before making any plans, always ask your host for permission to bring along your companion and be prepared that they might say no.

2. Pack Everything
A good house guest doesn’t impose on their host, so if you get the go-ahead to bring your pet, make sure you’ve packed everything they might need. This includes the obvious — such as food and medication — but also items such as toys, grooming supplies and carpet deodorizer for accidents.

3. Follow the House Rules
While you might allow for (or even encourage) pet snuggles on the couch, others prefer to keep their furniture free of fur. For a stress-free visit, know and follow the rules. Ask your host questions such as where they prefer your pet sleeps, whether your pet has access to their yard and if the home has any off-limits areas.

4. Have a Plan for Introductions
Bringing a pet into a new environment can be stressful and overwhelming. It can be even more chaotic if your host has pets or small children. Don’t just arrive and let your pet roam free in the home; take some time to slowly introduce them and ensure everyone is safe and comfortable.

5. Help Keep the House Clean
It should also go without saying that a good house guest cleans up after themselves. If travelling with a pet, this also includes cleaning up after them. Pick up pet waste immediately and offer to vacuum, sweep or mop to keep the pet hair and dander at a minimum.

With a little planning, your pet can be a good house guest this holiday season, but don’t forget to also keep them safe. Before leaving, ensure your pet is wearing a collar with updated contact information in case they get loose. Remember to bring vaccination records, and always know the location of the nearest vet or pet clinic in case of emergencies.

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