Grooming is an essential part of keeping your pet happy and healthy, and choosing a dog groomer is an important decision. Before dropping off your pup for a wash and dry, make sure you’ve chosen the right person to care for your pet.

Ask for Recommendations
The best place to start looking for a dog groomer is with friends and acquaintances. Another good resource is other pet owners at your local dog park. You’ll get honest reviews and recommendations of where to try (and businesses to avoid). Some veterinary offices will also have a recommendation list. It’s worth calling to see if they have any advice on where to bring your pup.

Speak to the Groomer Before the Appointment
After settling on one (or more) dog groomers, spend some time at their facility to ask a few questions. You’ll want to know how much experience they have and if they’re familiar working with your breed of dog. You can also inquire about any certifications, schooling or special training they’ve taken. Take note of how clean the facility is and if the dogs appear to be treated well. All this information can help you make a decision about which groomer to choose.

Does the Groomer Have Questions for You?
It’s important when vetting dog groomers that you choose one who is prepared and equipped to handle your pet. A sign of a good groomer is that they’ll ask questions about your dog. They will likely want to know how old they are, if they have any medical conditions, if they have previous experience with groomers and if they interact well with other dogs. By asking these types of questions, the groomer can determine if your dog is a good fit for their business.

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