If you’re planning a summer vacation, you need to decide if you’re leaving your dog at home or bringing them with you. This can be a difficult choice, with no right or wrong decision. Instead, you should do what’s in your pet’s best interest and what will cause the least disruption to their routine.

Leave Your Dog at Home
If you’ve decided to leave your pup at home while travelling, you’ll need to make arrangements for their care.

Kennel: Often compared to a doggie summer camp, kennels are a good option for sociable pups. Usually, dogs get their own space to sleep but have plenty of time to run around with other dogs. Make sure you check reviews before committing to a kennel, and you’ll need to have all your dog’s shots and vaccinations up to date.

Pet-Sitter: Another option is to have someone stay at your home to pet-sit while you’re away. If you hire a professional pet-sitter, check references as you’ll be inviting them into your home. If you leave the task to a family member or friend, make sure they are up to it, especially if you have a high-energy dog.

Bring Your Dog on Vacation
If you’re driving your vehicle to vacation at a pet-friendly resort, you might think about bringing your dog with you. This is a good option for pups that have severe separation anxiety and wouldn’t be comfortable at a kennel or with a pet-sitter. Before doing so, however, ensure that every part of your trip is dog-friendly.

No matter which option you choose, make sure that you’re protecting your pet with insurance because accidents and emergencies can happen even when you’re on vacation. With pet insurance, you can be reimbursed for up to 80% of the cost of care and veterinary services, including X-rays, hospitalization, surgery or prescriptions that result from an accident or illness in Canada or the United States.

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