Just like physical health, mental health should be a priority for every Canadian. Unfortunately, there’s still a stigma attached to mental health that prevents people from seeking treatment. Mental Health Week aims to raise awareness and break down barriers to help the thousands of Canadians who suffer from mental illnesses.

Mental Health Affecting The Workplace
The Mental Health Commission of Canada has reported that each year one out of five Canadians experiences a mental health issue. That equates to approximately 500,000 employees missing work each week, according to their estimate. Even more telling, 78% of those surveyed responded that mental health is their primary reason for missing work.1 Since there is no standard policy in place governing mental health and workers, the level of support that employees receive from their employers varies.

The Financial Cost of Mental Health
Taking time off from work to focus on mental health can often have serious financial repercussions. Missing even one paycheque can affect a person’s ability to cover their monthly expenses and debts. It’s extremely important to assess your insurance coverage and ensure that your disability insurance covers mental health issues, as although mental health is a valid reason to take sick leave, there aren’t guaranteed assurances in place from all employers that guarantee your career or financial security.

Protect Yourself With Life, Disability, and Income Insurance
With Life, Disability and Income (LDI) Insurance, you can take time off from work to help improve your mental health and receive a monthly benefit of up to $500 to help cover your expenses. Coverage is virtually guaranteed to everyone aged 18 to 69, and there’s no complicated application process or medical questions. You’ll also be eligible to earn up to 8,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points upon enrolment and on your annual anniversary.2

Treat your mental health with the same importance as you would your physical health.
Ensure you have the proper insurance coverage.
Easily sign up for LDI Insurance online.

For more than six decades, Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company has been committed to providing financial security for Canadians who are facing uncertainties. They now insure more than 1 million Canadians from coast to coast.

For more information on Mental Health Week,
please visit the Canadian Mental Health Association website.

1 Mental Health Commission of Canada. “Canadian employees report workplace stress as primary cause of mental health concerns.” Retrieved March 18, 2019, from https://mentalhealthcommission.ca/English/news-article/13522/canadian-employees-report-workplace-stress-primary-cause-mental-health-concerns.

2 Earn up to 8,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points when you purchase Life, Disability and Income Insurance and use a valid Canadian credit card to pay your monthly premiums.

Each Rewards points offer is limited to one Rewards account per household. Rewards points will be issued within 30 days from issue of insurance.

This offer cannot be combined with other offers and may change without notice. Life, Disability and Income Insurance for Hudson’s Bay customers is arranged by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company.