Adopting a pet is rewarding, but it can be a big life change. Before you bring home a new cat or dog, consider how an additional family member will change the dynamic in your house and if your new pet will be happy with your home and lifestyle.

Four Factors to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

1. Already have pets?
It’s important to consider how a new pet will fit in with your current animals. Not every pet will adjust well to a new furry friend in their space, and some shelter animals are better suited in homes where they’re the only pet. Always be honest with adoption centres about current pets and their temperaments so you find the perfect match.

2. Home Restrictions
For renters who are considering pet adoption, you need to know if there are any restrictions about animals in your lease. For example, some apartments or rental homes restrict dogs over a certain size, while others forbid animals of any type. Before adopting a pet, check that they’ll be welcomed in your home.

3. Space Considerations
Whether you own or rent, it’s important to adopt a pet that will be comfortable in your home. An older dog might have trouble with stairs and be happier in a bungalow, while a cat could be the perfect companion in a small apartment. Some dogs require a lot of exercise and are best placed in homes with large backyards, while others are happy to stay in and snuggle, requiring far less space.

4. Lifestyle
If you have an active social life or work long hours, a cat might be a good option as they are more independent and can handle their owners being out for long stretches of time. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time outdoors hiking and exploring, a young pup with lots of energy could be the ideal sidekick for your adventures.

There’s a perfect pet for everyone — you just have to find them. Make sure you’re adopting a dog or cat that will be happy in your home and will fit with your lifestyle.

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