Many Canadian families travel during spring break; however, few people plan on getting injured. A spring break accident can not only alter your vacation plans but also affect your ability to return to work.

Sprains or breaks could require weeks of healing and, depending on your job, could mean you can’t safely resume your job responsibilities. Having to take time off from work to recover could lead to missed paycheques, which could affect your ability to meet normal financial obligations such as car or mortgage payments.

To help recover from a spring break accident, you could also require specialized therapy or medication that’s not covered under your health insurance. Trying to afford medical treatment when off work can be stressful, leading people to make hard decisions about which bills to pay and which to defer.

With Life, Disability and Income (LDI) Insurance, you’re paid a monthly benefit in the event that a spring break accident leaves you unable to work. Combining elements of disability, involuntary unemployment and life insurance, this unique product — offered by Hudson’s Bay Financial Services for less than $20 a month — can provide financial help in the event of an unexpected disability. You can also upgrade your coverage to include up to $500 of monthly benefit income and $10,000 in life insurance.

The best thing about LDI Insurance is that you can spend your monthly benefit as you see fit — from paying for medication or therapy to help recover from an accident to covering mortgage, car or even cable bills. You also have the opportunity to earn up to 4,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points upon enrolment.1

Stay safe during spring break, and make sure you have the proper insurance coverage to pay your expenses in the event of an accident.

Get guaranteed coverage in minutes to
protect you and your family from financial instability.

Life, Disability and Income Insurance is underwritten by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company, which now insures more than 1 million Canadians from coast to coast.

1 Each Hudson’s Bay Rewards points offer is limited to one Rewards account per household. Rewards points will be issued within four to six weeks.