Dogs need daily exercise, no matter the weather. It can be challenging to maintain your pup’s level of physical activity during cold weather, but with a few winter exercise tips, you can make sure your canine companion stays healthy and safe during cold spells.

Brave the Outdoors
Running through snow can be physically demanding and is a good workout for dogs. You can also bring your pup along for outdoor activities such as a hike, a day of sledding or even cross-country skiing. However, before heading out on a winter adventure, keep in mind these winter exercise tips:

  • Short-haired, small or senior dogs will likely need a sweater to keep them warm while they play outside.
  • Salt on roads and walkways can damage paws or cause an upset stomach if ingested. Use booties if possible, or thoroughly clean paws after spending time outdoors.
  • During really cold weather, it’s safer to opt for shorter and more frequent walks.

Stay Inside
If your dog loves winter weather — and especially snow — it won’t be hard to keep up their level of physical activity. However, if your pup hates the cold, you might have to get creative to keep them sufficiently active. In some cities, doggy daycare centres open their doors in the evening to allow dogs and their owners access to an indoor play area. This allows you to keep your dog active without having to brave the cold weather.

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