A recent Canadian Community Health Survey administered by Stats Can found that while workplace injuries were on the decline, non-work-related injuries were steadily increasing.1 This trend suggests that we have a greater chance of hurting ourselves outside of working hours, yet a non-work-related injury can still prevent you from being able to fulfill your job responsibilities.

Winter Can Increase Risks

There are a number of ways to injure yourself in the winter. With snow, ice and slush covering sidewalks and roadways, the risk of car accidents, slips and falls increases. A sprain or broken bone could require weeks to properly heal, including the same amount of time off of work. With a reduced paycheque, meeting financial obligations could become harder.

With Life, Disability and Income Insurance, you can receive up to $500 a month — for a maximum of six months — while you’re off of work due to a non-work-related injury. Another advantage of this coverage is that the monthly benefit is paid directly, allowing you to decide how best to use the funds. You can use it to pay monthly expenses, such as a mortgage payment or rent, or to cover any medical bills associated with your injury.

No one plans to suffer an injury, but when it happens it can affect your ability to work and, as a result, to pay your bills. For less than $20 a month, you can purchase Life, Disability and Income Insurance, which can help you cover expenses while recovering from an injury. Plus, you’re eligible to receive up to 4,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points when you sign up.2

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Life, Disability and Income Insurance is underwritten by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company. For more than 60 years, Canadian Premier has been committed to providing financial security to Canadians in the face of uncertainties and now insures more than 1 million individuals and families from coast to coast.

1 Institute for Work & Health. “Divergent trends in work-related and non-work-related injury in Ontario.” Retrieved January 24, 2019, from https://www.iwh.on.ca/summaries/issue-briefing/divergent-trends-in-work-related-and-non-work-related-injury-in-ontario.

2 Earn up to 8,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points when you purchase Life, Disability and Income Insurance and use a valid Canadian credit card to pay your monthly premiums.