Not being able to work due to layoff can significantly strain your finances. If you don’t have the savings to sustain yourself and your family through periods of unemployment, you have to look for other ways to cover your expenses.
Some people rely on short-term loans and cash advances during periods of unemployment. However, these services usually result in steep interest payments and fees. Often short-term loans must also be repaid quickly, which may be difficult to sustain. Credit card cash advances also come with high interest rates and can increase your overall debt, often when you can least afford to make additional payments.

A better way to ensure your expenses are paid is with Life, Disability and Income Insurance. For as little as $19.99 a month, you can protect yourself if you become unemployed due to layoff. You’ll have the financial security to help you and your family during what can be a stressful time. If you enrol today, you’ll also earn up to 8,000 Hudson’s Bay Rewards points, along with additional points at your annual renewal.1

Get guaranteed coverage in under three minutes
to protect yourself and your family from financial strain due to layoff.

For more than six decades, Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company has been committed to providing financial security for Canadians in the face of uncertainties and now insures more than 1 million Canadians.

1 Each Hudson’s Bay Rewards points offer is limited to one Rewards account per household. Rewards points will be issued within four to six weeks.