Workplace injuries are often associated with hard labour and accidents, but millions of Canadians suffer from repetitive strain injuries1 that could cause them to miss work. These types of injuries generally affect tendons, muscles, nerves and joints and can range from mild symptoms of discomfort to debilitating pain.2

Repetitive strain injuries can affect any worker who makes rapid, forceful or repetitive movements, and people who work with computers can develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive finger movements such as typing can cause fluid or tissues to thicken in the carpal tunnel, a thin channel in the wrist. This can cause numbness, tingling or wrist pain. As the syndrome develops, the pain can intensify to the point where fingers can become locked.2

Suffering from a repetitive strain injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome can significantly impact a person’s ability to perform their job and could require time off to heal. With even one missed paycheque, it can be hard to manage bills, car payments or even a mortgage.

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