Over the past few years, there’s been increased discussion about food allergies in dogs and cats. A walk down any pet food aisle reveals a number of different products claiming to be allergen-free, hypoallergenic or grain-free, and now many pet owners scrutinize ingredients lists to determine the best food for their furry friends. However, it seems that food allergies might not be as common as people think, and diagnosing those few cases is extremely difficult.

The clinical nutrition team at Tufts University contends that food allergies in pets are actually rare and gluten intolerances are not an issue; cats show no adverse effect to gluten and only two breeds of dogs — Irish setters and border terriers — might be susceptible to gluten.1

Often there are other causes for the symptoms people associate with food allergies. A virus, bacteria or parasite can all cause gastrointestinal symptoms; while fleas, dust mites or pollen can cause itching, skin irritation and ear infections.1

Diagnosing a food allergy is extremely complicated as there is no test that provides reliable results. Instead, veterinarians rely on an elimination trial to identify specific food allergens. A pet must be put on a strict diet, with limited ingredients, for at least a month to see whether there’s improvement. If there’s a marked improvement, ingredients are slowly introduced to try to pinpoint the trigger.1

If your pet is suffering from gastrointestinal problems, itching, skin irritation or ear infections, don’t automatically assume a food allergy. It’s more than likely caused by another source and a veterinarian can help diagnose the problem.

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1 Clinical Nutrition Service. “What every pet owner should know about food allergies.” Retrieved September 26, 2018, from http://vetnutrition.tufts.edu/2017/01/food-allergies/.

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