Most dogs like routine, and they especially like the routine of summer when kids are home from school. More people are around during the day, which usually means that there are more activities and stimulation than during the school year. However, as the summer draws to a close and everyone is getting ready to start a new school year, make sure you take some time to get your dog ready for the change in your family’s routine.

Ease into a New Routine Slowly
If your dog has been used to having someone home all day during the summer, it can be a shock if one day everyone suddenly disappears. To lessen the impact, gradually get your dog used to spending more time alone. Plan some trips out of the house and leave your dog at home.

Ensure Plenty of Exercise and Play
A tired dog is a happy dog, so while it’s important that pets get enough exercise all the time, it’s especially important while adjusting to a routine change. Schedule time in the morning and evening for walks or trips to the park, and consider hiring a dog-walker if you plan on being away from the house for an extended period of time.

Additional Tips to Help with the Transition

  • Introduce a new toy for some distraction while you’re away from home. Dogs like a lot of stimulation, and toys can keep pets engaged and challenged while you’re out of the house.
  • Some pet owners find that leaving the radio or television on for background noise can help calm dogs left alone. It can also help to close the blinds and curtains so your pet won’t get worked up by outside distractions.
  • Giving your dog a special treat before you leave and when you come home can help your dog look forward to departure and arrivals, not dread them.

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